Your Finances Are Safe. Digital Security Technologies

The use of technology in business, how to use multifactor authentication and work with blockchain technologies

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What you will get:
Get into the latest technological trends and terminology
Understand how artificial intelligence simplifies routine tasks and helps motivate employees
Get into the intricacies of the financial and banking operations
Learn to use PayPass and Revolut technologies in business
Learn how to use Face ID and biometric security system
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About this course
Financial literacy in the digital space is a set of skills that are worth mastering for a comfortable life in the modern world. More and more new technologies appear every day, so it is useful for anyone who wants to keep up with the times to pay more attention to this topic. If you have your own business and want to learn how to properly manage finances, then our course will help you!

You will learn about the trends that will determine the development of technology in the coming years. We will talk about process automation, artificial intelligence, changes in the banking sector, biometric authentication systems, Big Data and Smart Data, blockchain and cryptocurrency. You will understand how to minimize the risks associated with the use of technologies and ensure the security of their use, why and for what to use “big” and “smart” data in business. We will tell you which fintech companies and developments are the future, and why the blockchain is better than the Internet. You will learn why you shouldn't be afraid that artificial intelligence will replace you at work, and how it helps you invest in your future. You will begin to perceive new technologies differently and will see them as an opportunity to increase your income, self-development and transformation of the world.

The knowledge and skills acquired in this course will help you use modern technologies in your own business, bypass competitors, optimize the work of the company and attract valuable specialists.
Skills you will get:
  • Financial security
  • Financial literacy
Course structure

Lesson 1. Technology is infiltrating our lives

In this lesson you will learn all about modern technology and artificial intelligence. You will be told how the most modern industries manage to do almost without human intervention. You will understand why top companies use technology to communicate with employees, and how artificial intelligence helps to determine our needs, motivate and maintain a working attitude.

In the supplementary materials, you will find a memo that contains the most significant trends in fintech.

Lesson 2. Revolutionary changes in the banking sector

In this lesson we will talk about Internet banking. You will learn how new technologies affect financial transactions. You will be told about the PayPass contactless payment system, how with the help of SWIFT gpi technology you can quickly transfer funds anywhere in the world. You will understand what are the advantages of multi-currency debit cards of fintech company Revolt for business and everyday use.

In the supplementary materials you can learn the rules for using the online bank.

Lesson 3. Remote Identification and Biometrics (Face ID)

In this lesson, you'll learn what Face ID biometrics are. You'll be told how it helps protect user information and make payment more convenient. We'll show you why European banks are using multi-factor authentication, and how payment for goods and services will change in the future.

In the supplementary materials, we have prepared for you a memo on how to safely use biometric data.

Lesson 4. Problems and Prospects of Big Data

In this lesson, you will be taught how Big Data allows you to make optimal business decisions, develop popular products, calculate risks and improve existing offerings. You will learn how to make your business effective by studying large amounts of information.

In the supplementary materials, you will learn how to use Big Data in your work.

Lesson 5. SmartData, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

In this lesson, you will learn what unites neural networks, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. You will understand how smart contracts and the Internet of Things allow you to ensure the security of financial transactions and not attract intermediaries. You will learn about the differences between Big Data and Smart Data and their benefits for business.

In the supplementary materials, you can learn how to use smart contracts in business.

Lesson 6. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

In the final lesson of our course, you will learn about the importance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. You will be told about the differences between blockchain networks and the usual Internet. You will also understand how digital currencies help you save on commissions, do without intermediaries and contribute funds to the latest technologies.