YouTube Marketing. Make Your Channel Popular

Creating a unique style for a channel, recommendations for choosing right content, ways to monetize videos

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What you will get:
Recommendations for creating a personal style for your channel
20 recommendations for becoming a successful content creator
Methods to drum up some interest of your audience towards your content
Some advice on choosing a name for your channel
Understanding how to use challenges for the marketing support of your channel
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About this course
This course is dedicated to details and subtleties of working with a YouTube channel. You’ll learn to optimize your videos, create effective titles and descriptions, work with tags, attract the traffic from external sources, and find collaborations. You’ll learn to create video thumbnails that will attract new viewers and gain you more views. We’ll tell you how to promote your videos on social media, and how to set up advertisements from your Google Ads. This will help you to show your videos to new viewers, and attract new audience and new subscribers to your channel. From our lessons, you’ll learn the difference between working with Adsense and working with social media, and which one is easier and better for making money on advertisement. This course will be useful both for newbies who have just registered their channel on YouTube and for experienced channel owners who would like to attract new audience, but don’t know how to do it.
Skills you will get:
  • Targeting
  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • SMM
Course structure

Lesson 1. Design and personal style

In the first lesson you’ll learn how to create a personal style for your channel. You’ll get an idea about key elements of your page design, and you’ll dive in into each one of them. We’ll also tell you how to create a personalized preview for your video.

In the additional materials, we have prepared for you the main advice for YouTube channel design, and a file that you can use to describe your channel’s strategy and its visual and textual components.

Lesson 2. Internal video optimization

In this lesson you’ll learn how to optimize your videos. We’ll tell you how to make it easier for your viewers to find your video. You’ll study ranking factors and effective tools for SEO-optimization.

In the additional materials, you’ll find a list of YouTube plugins, 20 recommendations for newbies for becoming a successful content creator, and a planner which you could use for your channel’s promotional strategy.

Lesson 3. Hyperlink and your video title

The subject of this lesson is changing your channel link. You’ll learn what it is done for, and what benefits it can have for the promotion of your channel. We’ll discuss some tricks that can be used to drum up some interest towards your channel.

In the additional materials, you’ll find some advice for choosing a title of your channel.

Lesson 4. Organizing challenges

This lesson is dedicated to the methods of attracting new subscribers. The foundation is high-quality content, but the effect can be amplified if you use challenges as a means of marketing support. You’ll learn what you shouldn’t do for the sake of getting more views.Additionally, we’ll tell you how to promote your video in the category “similar videos”. There are two files we have prepared for you: the first one can be used to log in the information about your monthly income and your detailed goals for the month, and the second one will help you structure your data for organizing challenges.

Lesson 5. Paid promotion of your channel

In this lesson we’ll tell you all the secrets about paid advertisement. You’ll learn to advertise your own videos, to distinguish statistical tools that are worth paying attention to, and to analyze effectiveness of your advertisement campaigns.

Additionally, you’ll get a planner for your revenue and your expenses, and a list of paid services for YouTube promotion.

Lesson 6. Collaborating with other bloggers

In this lesson, we’ll discuss how you can get promoted by other bloggers. You’ll learn about the most effective methods of advertisement that are available to you, and you’ll receive detailed instructions for finding a blogger to partner with.

In additional materials, you’ll learn how to correctly set up your collaboration. And you’ll also get a planner for networking events and sponsor content.

Lesson 7. Monetizing your video

The advertisement is the main source of income on YouTube. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to choose a method for monetizing your channel, and earn money on your videos right away.

Additional materials feature recommendations for making money on YouTube media network, minimum requirements for YouTube Partner Program eligibility, and a planner for your monthly income.

Lesson 8. Targeting

Our final lesson is dedicated to the additional ways of advertisement which will help you promote and monetize you channel. We’ll talk about using AdWords for YouTube.

Additional materials offer you 11 best tools for YouTube marketing, and a planner for your statistics.
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