Tricks of the trade: how to sell anything to anyone

How to sell anything to anyone



What you will get

The nuances behind the sales process

Effective sales techniques and methods

How to make the perfect first impression

About this Course

What if we tell you that sales is a delicate game where the winner is the one who knows psychology better than others. Someone who knows how to think strategically and can follow clear rules. Sales are “about people” - the ability to make a connection. It's about sensitivity and the ability to ask the right questions at the right time and to feel the moment and be able to lead.

We specifically studied the best works of Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, and Robert Cialdini. Instead of repeating tired truths to the students of these Lectera courses, we have prepared a consolidation of the most useful knowledge! The result is a universal course that will be useful for both sales managers and anyone else interested in self-development. After this course you will be able to sell anything - from actual goods to your personal skills. And you will be able to set a market price higher than the average.

Buying an elephant is more than just a theory. This is a training video. The participants will learn how classic and modern sales techniques differ and what skills are needed by a successful salesperson. You will learn how to build effective relationships with a client and ask a client the right questions to identify their needs. In this course we have collected the most successful sales techniques and most reliable schemes and sales methods.

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