Career Start for a Student: How to Find Your First Job

Practical skills of job interview preparation, building a perfect resume, plan of career development



What you will get

Step-by-step job search plan

How to write a professional resume, cover letter, and portfolio

How to impress HR and a potential employer

The nuances of job search

Time management for students

How to become a part of a team

How to build a career quickly

The art of networking

Everything about internships and volunteering

Secrets of professional development from successful people

About this Course

The first employment generally defines the future path of your life, so you should not be careless and irresponsible in your job hunt. In this course, you will acquire knowledge and skills that will make this process as simple as possible and will let you become more competitive in the job market. You will learn which companies are better to work for, how to write a resume correctly and how to impress a potential employer.

We will talk about volunteering and internships, we will share our knowledge in time management and networking, and we will teach you how to find common ground with your colleagues. The first job for students is the start of their independent life. With new knowledge and practical skills, you will make this start as comfortable as possible, guaranteeing yourself professional growth.

You will, for sure, find your dream job, climb the career ladder fast and you will surround yourself with like-minded people.

Course structure