Changing Mindsets. Program Yourself to Succeed

Forming good habits, setting right goals, strenghening motivation and controlling the results



What you will get

Habit life cycles and how to influence them

10+ ways to break bad habits

Habit forming techniques

Rewiring your subconscious for success and prosperity

how to make the transition

10+ recipes for maintaining motivation from Lectera experts

Working techniques for mastering discipline and self-control

Real checklists for implementing habits in your life

Decomposing your goals

Skills that will help you quickly manage your breakdowns

About this Course

Have you ever wondered how people achieve their goals? If you break down the goal into its components and prioritise accomplishing it, then forming good habits will play an important part. It’s well known that talent is only a small part of success; and in fact, the key factor is having the tenacity and persistence of never giving up, whatever the bumps in the road, until you achieve your goal. Vitally, it’s habits that are the main tool for ‘programming’ a successful life.

In this course you’ll learn the methods of developing good habits, and learn how to get rid of bad habits. We’ll also teach you about self-control and discipline. Next, we’ll also discuss why breakdowns occur, and learn to deal with them.

Each lesson includes practical techniques and tools based the experience and knowledge of psychologists and coaches. Together, we’ll draw up checklists that’ll help to effectively implement your good, new, habit into your life.

Our mission here at Lectera is to change your life for the better! Consequently, Lectera courses aren’t just theories that are difficult to apply in real life, but ready-made practical solutions! What’s more, in the additional materials for our lessons you’ll find checklists, instructions, and cheat sheets.

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