How to Believe in Yourself and Become a Charismatic Leader

Practical skills to cope with psychological complexes and develop self-confidence



What you will get

Psychological tools that enable you to use confidence to your advantage

Methods to become a truly charismatic person

Building your own unique image

Techniques to overcome fears and indecisiveness and their consequences

Managing your emotions and their manifestations

Failure is normal. Learn how to benefit from it

How to convince anyone to do exactly what you need

Understanding people’s moods without words

The secrets behind body language

Setting priorities and learning to say no

About this Course

Do you think that charisma and persuasiveness are a natural phenomenon? Are you afraid to go on stage or to speak at a meeting because you floundered as a child one time and have carefully avoided public speaking since then? Do you dislike being in a large company of people and feel very uncomfortable when you are in such situations?

This course from Lectera will help you get rid of your anxiety. The course “+100 to Charisma” is not only theoretical, it is also allows you to practically increase your confidence level. You will find 50+ working techniques - exercises, techniques, checklists, and tasks! If you do them all, they will help you to overcome your uncertainty and believe in yourself in order to overcome your fears and develop the ability to be a charismatic leader!

Unlike many other courses, this course teaches you how to change your patterns of behavior from the inside out. Let's start with the basics — let's look at how self-doubt is formed, in what situations it manifests itself in, and how you can change the normal scenarios of behavior. As a result, you will be enthusiastic to be a leader. You will become noticeable and note-worthy. You will no longer have questions such as, “How can I become confident in myself?” or “How can I increase my self-esteem?”.

Course structure