How to create a dream team

A comprehensive guide to hiring and effectively managing your employees



What you will get

The most cutting-edge instruments of influence on employees

The secrets behind hiring and building your team

How to become a leader in your team and nurture other leaders

About this Course

At Lectera, we believe that everyone can become a leader; you only need the right tools and circumstances to achieve that. One of such powerful tool is our How to create a dream team course. The authors of the course have clearly defined what a team and a leader are. We intentionally put these two concepts in one course – a leader cannot exist without a team and vice versa.

After completing this course, you will realise that there is no magic in leadership and team building – there is only knowledge of theory, hard work and a willingness to work on your mistakes. We will systematically analyse the stages of team building, find out what leadership styles exist nowadays, and which is most suitable for you. We will teach you how to set goals and show you different methods of setting goals in a team. You will also learn to set goals based on the psychological type of your employee. A large block will be devoted to corporate culture – there we will talk about the power of non-financial rewards and effective ways to create an atmosphere of engagement in a team. We will also talk about meetings – after this course, your team will love them!

You will learn how to grow leaders in your team and calmly delegate your tasks to them. The knowledge on the motivation of employees and a team, as well as the magic phrases that will inspire any person from your team will help you with this. We will devote one lesson from the course to resolving conflict situations – you will learn how to benefit from them. At the end of the course, we will talk about ways to monitor the effectiveness of a team and its head.

Course structure