How to increase the revenue in your business

15 ways to price your product: demand factors, price discrimination, overbooking



What you will get

Introduction to various pricing strategies

main components and laws

Selecting your pricing strategy

Managing profitability with revenue management

Criteria for price discrimination

Applying strategic solutions for price and demand management

Overbooking and related case studies

Skills for independently developing your pricing strategy

reasons, goals, mechanisms

How to boost your company’s revenue

About this Course

The right price can radically transform the way customers see your products and turn a failing company into a successful one. It’s no wonder that revenue management is becoming increasingly popular.

Revenue management is an area of expertise that is geared towards increasing profitability. By gaining experience in this area, you can achieve incredible results for your business. In this course, we will teach you about this complex field of economics using simple language, and you will learn to accurately predict future customer behavior on the microeconomic level.

We will use real-life examples to explain how prices are created and what you should do to reach a compromise between the customer’s interests and your own. You will master effective pricing strategies and learn to achieve success even when demand is not clearly defined.

Course structure






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