Incredible Speaker: Complete Manual for Audience Impact

Creating personal development strategy including the techniques of non-verbal impact and active listening



What you will get

Techniques of influencing people verbally and nonverbally

Secrets of efficiency

Enhancing public speaking skills

Rules for writing a persuasive speech

Learning body language

Effective strategies to succeed in negotiations

Unique style and personal charm

Increasing motivation

Nuances of business ethics

Top tips from interpersonal communication experts

About this Course

Have you ever met someone so energetic that they literally infect others with their energy? Charismatic, charming, life and soul of the party - there are dozens of definitions but they all mean the same: the ability to effectively influence people.

Such magnetism is made up of a number of well-defined "building blocks". This course aims to show you how to shape those "blocks" and then build and enhance your charisma. Step by step the course reveals the effective techniques and means of emotional impact on the audience. After finishing the course you will know how to get people on your side since the first meeting and then build and maintain a strong partnership. This knowledge is applicable both in business and personal life because well-developed skill in dealing with people is the key to success in any area.

Course structure