Managing Business Effectively on Agile Methodology

Manage a team, launch a product needed on the market, gain success - using the most popular US methodology



What you will get

Essential business management methods

The principles of project management

Using Agile techniques in your personal life

A step-by-step guide to implementing SCRUM in process management

Defining scrum master, backlog, sprint, and more

How to become a successful scrum master

How to become a successful product owner

Setting up communications with clients

The most effective sprint planning methods

How to effectively conduct sprint reviews

About this Course

All companies should be equipped to rapidly adjust their strategy based on changes in external circumstances. When working with digital projects, management standards are the name of the game. This is especially relevant for smaller market players.

This series of lectures is dedicated to the agile and scrum methodologies - the most effective business management methods of the 21st century. The instruments introduced in these lectures will take your startup through all the stages of product development.

The agile approach covers general methods for organizing the work process, with a heavy emphasis on quickly meeting customer needs, a focus on feedback and a simplified organizational structure. The scrum methodology will help you set up your processes to ensure that results can be delivered even in the shortest time possible.

Course structure