Negotiation Guru: How to Convince Anyone and Earn Even More

Techniques and methods to help you strike successful deals



What you will get

10+ methods to overcome refusals

Nonverbal negotiation aspects and how to use them

Negotiation techniques from world famous psychologists

A step-by-step breakdown of the negotiation process

3 effective strategies and 4 verified techniques for your negotiations

How to use manipulative traps

Moving from negative reactions and refusals to sales

National features of negotiations in various countries around the globe

Skills and life hacks used by successful negotiators

How to overcome your fear of refusal

About this Course

The ability to negotiate refers to the so-called soft skills. These are skills that help to interact in a team and achieve your goal in communication with partners, subordinates and superiors. Today it is vital for success in a career and business. To be a successful negotiator, you need to possess communication skills, empathy, eloquence, creativity, firmness and the ability to think strategically.

At first glance, it seems that you cannot become a good negotiator - you can only be born one. This course refutes this belief completely! After it, you will understand how negotiations work, and learn the most effective negotiation strategies and techniques. You will learn how to prepare for them, taking into account the knowledge of the partner, the subject of negotiations and even the country, which your partner is from. You will stop being afraid to hear an objection, because you will know 10+ ways to neutralise them, and you will also receive techniques for preventing objections in negotiations. You will learn that it’s important not only what you say, but also how you move — we will talk about this in the Non-verbal aspect of negotiations block. You will learn to interpret the gestures, poses and facial expressions of your partner and use this to your advantage.

At the end of each lesson, you will get homework to consolidate theoretical knowledge in practice, and in the appendix for each lesson, you will find negotiation techniques from world famous psychologists and negotiators and other useful information.

Course structure