Sales without advertising: how to make your business grow

23 tools for sales without a budget: maintaining a blog, newsletters, ugc content, engagement, contests



What you will get

How to make an email newsletter that will increase traffic without paid advertising

5 tips for creating a perfect customer service

The secret to long-lasting customer relationships

How to use multi-channel to attract an audience

How to conduct a great presentation of the product

what it includes and how to organise it in order to secure a constant flow of leads

how to create and where to look for it

how to motivate your audience to interact with your brand

How to plan your budget and evaluate the effectiveness of the content marketing

About this Course

Find out how to sell without sales and learn an approach, entirely new for you. Its foundation is trusting relationships with the customers, which you can build with the help of content marketing, User experience and UGC. We will tell you exactly what it is and how you should work with it in more detail in our lessons. You will never need advertising again. The actions of the customers themselves will lead to an increase in your product popularity, and then they, in their turn, will lure new people. Sounds enticing? Then join us and we will tell you how to achieve all of that.

Course structure