Telemarketing Is the Most Beneficial Way of Organizing Sales

Means of efficient telemarketing use, contacting audience with no middlemen, methods of simplifying communication



What you will get

Find a common language with anyone

Gain the client's trust in the first few seconds of the communication

Effective sales techniques that will convince the buyer to buy even the goods he does not need

News feeds that work for you

Ways to get to the decision-maker

Increase the conversion rate of incoming and outgoing calls

Full preparation for telephone calls

Intonations as a tool of influence

Techniques for overcoming difficult situations

The ethics and culture of business communication

About this Course

The success of any business is ultimately determined by consumers - they either vote for you by making their purchase or they don’t. The more the potential buyers learn about your unique selling proposition, the more chance you have of closing a deal. Telemarketing allows you to interact directly with your customer and thus obtain an impressive number of contacts in a relatively short period of time. This tool is rightfully considered one of the most effective methods of working with an audience.

The course is dedicated to the nuances of telemarketing and will be useful for both beginner sales managers and experienced managers. You will learn how to impress your remote listener in a few seconds, learn effective telephone sales techniques and will be able to deftly overcome any objections.

We will tell you how to easily bypass the “gatekeeper” and get to the decision maker. The acquired skills will allow you to make a lot of useful acquaintances and lay a good foundation for your success. This is more than professional development - you will tune up your personal qualities and significantly expand upon your potential.

Course structure