Frequently asked questions
Lectera is an online educational platform with courses that allow you to start changing lives for the better from the first day.
We teach how to make money and provide all the necessary tools. Together with Lectera you can: raise your salary and start earning more, increase your business turnover, quickly climb up the career ladder, become the strongest among competitors on the market, earn passive income.
It is very easy to start earning money with Lectera. Sign up at the platform, become a member of the Business Skills program and start getting income during your training by expanding the audience of the platform. Lectera also has other tools for earning money. With their help, you will be able to receive income from the sales of all products and subscriptions.
Part of Lectera's product that allows you to make individual earnings through affiliate and bonus programs. Using Lectera Affiliate is possible after registration on the platform.
To make it easier and faster for you to move towards your goal, Lectera has created a Marketing Arcade. It is part of the partner marketing system, which includes promotional materials for partners for different advertising platforms and tools for project promotion: 1. Business technologies. They allow you to attract new partners to your structure. 2. Promo-landings. Ready pages — just copy the link and publish. 3. Promotion materials of different formats, which can already be used: — banners - ready-made images; — materials for social networks - ready-made posts, copy and publish; — printed promotional materials - you only need to print; — video materials - ready-made video clips.
Lectera works for you around the world, except in the following countries: — Afghanistan — Gaza — Yemen — Lebanon — Libya — Saudi Arabia — Syria — Cuba — Iran — Iraq — North Korea
Lectera does not issue certificates or grant titles, so accreditation is not necessary.
We do not issue certificates for the successful completion of training at the moment. But the certification will be available soon, we will be sure to notify you by e-mail.
We do not have teachers on our platform - only speakers. They are native speakers of the languages they use and they are experienced practitioners in their respected fields as well. Every course is created by the team of the methodists and experts from all over the world and undergoes 3 levels of quality control.
Lectera is an online educational platform. We have video courses, transcripts of the videos, tests to develop and check your new skills, extra materials and hometasks for self-control.
Right now you do not need any documents to register on the platform. In order to start learning, you need to sign up in Lectera system and purchase a course.
You do not need any documents to sign up on the platform. If you are over 18 y.o, you can register. In order to start learning, you need to sign up and purchase a course.
There's no such chat at the platform because the training is individual.
The education on out platform is individual, therefore we have no instructors. Lectera grows and develops for you, so it is possible they will appear in the near future.
One lesson can last between 5 to 20 minutes. The course contains 6-12 lessons. For your convenience, all long lessons are divided into several videos.
You can ask us anything about the courses. We will redirect your question to the training department and come back to you with the answer
In order to access your account, please sign up via the website
You can change your personal data in your account via Profile Settings.
In order to reset your password, please open the website and click on Forgot password on the login page.
The course cannot be deleted and will always be available for you in your personal account.
Yes, we do have promocodes. You can use them to purchase or get any educational product on the platform for free.
The conditions of getting a promocode depend on each specific promo. Follow our news on the website and in social networks.
If your promocode gives you the right to receive a product for free, you need to log in on the platform, go to "My Profile" and select the "Promotions" tab. Then please enter your promocode in the "Coupon code" field, click on "Apply" and follow the instructions in the pop-up window. If you have a discount promocode, select the products you would like to purchase, then go to "Cart", enter your promocode in the corresponding field and click on "Apply". The discount will apply to all products associated with this promocode.
You will be informed about the expiry date of the promocode as soon as you receive it.
The promocode is not name-based, you can share it with any registered users. We would like to point out, however, that if one-time promocodes have already been used by somebody else, you will not be able to use them as well.
The promocodes can only be used to purchase the educational products on the platform.
The promocode is entered in a designated field. The discount will apply to all products associated with this promocode.
This depends on the type of the promocode. The reusable promocodes can be applied more than once. When you receive a promocode from us, you are instantly informed about its type and how you can use it.
You can either use a promocode that gives you a fixed discount or a promocode that gives you the product for free.
The promocode discount is not summed up with offers associated with other promocodes and with other discounts and promotions.
Now you can pay for the courses with Visa or MasterCard. We plan to add other payment methods later.
The currencies used on Lectera platform are USD ($), RUB (₽) and EUR(€). You can pay with a bank card which has any currency on it, and the bank will convert it according to the current exchange rate. We accept Visa and Mastercard.