Lectera Platform
Lecter presents two types of trainings
Choose the training mode that suits you best and get the most out of it
  • Course
    Learn at your own pace. All training materials are available immediately upon purchase. Homework is for self-control only!
  • Marathon
    Intensive training with our experts. No chance of failure: study materials, do your homework, and get feedback 24/7
What you will find inside trainings
Our interactive and flexible courses allow you to master the material faster and better
  • Lessons
    Courses include an average of 5-12 lessons, where each one covers a specific topic. Each lesson is a combination of video lectures, cases, tests, homework assignments, glossary, and additional materials.
  • Videos
    All videos are pre-recorded and have a total duration of 30 minutes to 3 hours, but no more than 15 minutes per video. Lessons that are too long are split into multiple videos.
  • Transcripts
    We attach a text transcript to each lesson so that you can quickly review the material at any time.
  • Tests
    Tests are classic with a choice of answer options, but situational, for understanding the lesson material, and not memorizing definitions and formulas.
  • Cases
    Cases are a description of a situation with 3-4 options for the development of events that will occur if this path is chosen. Cases precede and conclude the lesson.
  • Home assignments
    Follow-up instructions after the lesson to help students practice new knowledge.
  • Glossary
    List of lesson terms with definitions and examples.
  • Additional materials
    Guides, checklists, tables or graphic materials — any material that helps students to consolidate and put their knowledge into practice.
And you will get more than that
We make sure that the training is pleasant and comfortable for you
  • Certificate
    Your newly acquired skills are backed up with the certificate.
  • Multilingual content
    Acquire new skills and expand your professional vocabulary in other languages.
  • Endless access
    The course cannot be deleted from your archive and will always be available for you in your personal account.
To save your money, Lectera provides the opportunity to buy packs of courses
Learn on-the-go
Switch freely to mobile apps and take your training with you
  • Applications
    Access on iOS and Android mobile platforms
  • Access on tablets
    All applications are adapted not only for phones, but also for tablets.
  • Offline access
    Download courses and study even where there is no Internet around.
  • Catalog
    Choose and explore new training topics without leaving the app.
Are you hesitating?
Just try it yourself. It's free!
We are here to help you
Do not hesitate to ask!
  • FAQ
    We have prepared extensive reading materials that cover both technical side of the product and the best practices for running your progress
  • Let's chat!
    Shoot us a question in our live chat. We will be happy to answer you! If the support team is not available at once, we will answer you by email
  • Write us at any time
    Our success depends on you! Email us. We will be glad if you can help us make our platform better