Close a sale. 25 steps to increase your conversion rate

Funnel stages, traffic sources, metrics, lead generation, and much more



What you will get

Attracting potential clients

Subtleties of building an online business

Methods to increase sales

Increase in average “basket size”

Customer preference forming

Ways to turn a one-time customer into a regular customer

Scaling up of projects

Best methods of audience segmentation

Application of modern digital marketing tools

Build auto-funnels that will ensure stable demand for your products

About this Course

The sales funnel is a universal marketing tool that allows you to solve a wide range of problems. Using this model, you can stimulate the client to go through all stages of sales - from an offer to a deal. Sales funnels today can be found not only offline, but also in the online space, and the ability to build them must be in the skill set of any marketer or company manager.

Special attention should be paid to such a type of sales funnels as auto-funnels. They allow the seller to attract customers without direct contact with them - using only automatic settings. Having understood the intricacies of this tool, you will provide your business with a constant flow of clients and significantly increase profits.

This course will reveal the secrets of "sales magic" to you. Why is it magic? Because it will seem to the uninitiated from the outside that customers themselves, as if by magic, choose your product or service. In fact, it will really seem so, only in the role of a magic wand here will be the sales funnel. A properly functioning funnel itself will lead the client to a logical result - a purchase. You will then merely have to reap the fruits of the work done earlier.

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