I open a retail store: from the concept to the growth

32 factors of successful retail management: merchandizing, distribution, marketing



What you will get

Understanding what the buyer wants, and how to influence his/her behaviour

Diligent management of the business processes

Category management and merchandising principles

Effective sales promotion techniques

Use of different retail management strategies

Create a team of professionals to obtain results.

Optimize your time and that of others.

Reduce costs in trade

Promote your brand - “leaving your competitors in your wake”

About this Course

Do you aim to fully realize yourself in retail, but struggle to stand out among competitors? Indeed, retail is a highly competitive business where the price of a miss is high, but you now have the recipe for success within your grasp. This course will set you sail towards mastering retail and conquering the market.

You shall develop an advanced understanding of what competence in merchandising, distribution and marketing really means and how this can lead to greater sales.
And also – how to build a team of specialists, immersed in their business.

And do not let new terms scare you. The course is structured in such a way that all key concepts are organically learned and embedded in your behaviours. They will naturally become part of your daily routine as you emerge as a truly great sales specialist.

Do you want to go from being a beginner to a retail pro? Then this course is for you! Once you've mastered the techniques and set about implementing them, you shall be well on your way towards achieving your toughest goals and making your business highly profitable.

Course structure