Motivational Speaker Career

Master the skill of public speaking and captivate any audience


What you will get:

Storytelling For Business. Make Money by Telling Stories
Legendary Speaker. The Art of Public Speaking
The Perfect Pitch
Professional Speaker. Read People — Win Without a Fight
Read People's Emotions. Psychophysiology and Nonverbal Methods

About this Program

Would you like to replicate the success of Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy?

Do you dream of conveying ideas that you believe in to people?

Are you looking to change lives with your speeches?

Our courses will help you improve your audience communication skills and become a successful motivational speaker!

Take a closer look at successful, wealthy and self-sufficient people. You will notice that they all know how to establish business contacts, make the necessary acquaintances, conduct conversations, and maintain good relations with people. And you can learn it too!

You will find out how to become a good storyteller and use storytelling in business, and then you will be able to inspire and motivate others with your stories and create informative business content. Additionally, you will discover how to become a guest speaker and find a talk topic that will be of interest to you and your audience. You will analyze ways to prepare for performances and see how to deal with anxiety. You will learn how to properly respond to provocative questions and negative yelling from the audience. You will also study effective techniques and means of emotional impact on the audience, learn to win others over from the first meeting and establish strong relations with them. We will teach you how to create your personal brand and attract customers with engaging writing. We will tell you about personal marketing and promotion so that you can become recognizable. You will be able to develop leadership qualities in yourself, form a new perspective on familiar tasks, and learn to think and act like a leader.

Whether you decide to become a persuasive conversationalist, take a leap forward in personal and professional development, or pursue a political career, the skills you gain will definitely come in handy! You will become a true master of public speaking who can effectively influence any audience. You will learn to hold the attention of huge audiences and embark on the path of popularity and success!

All Lectera courses contain practical exercises, life hacks and additional materials. Be sure to use them as they will help you to quickly introduce new knowledge into your life.

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