Social Media Manager

A Detailed Breakdown of Key Social Networks for Work and Business.

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What you will get:

Storytelling For Business. Make Money by Telling Stories
Instagram From Scratch. From Registration to First Sales
YouTube Marketing. Make Your Channel Popular
Launching Facebook Ads. Take Your Business to the Next Level
Promotion on Facebook. Ad Types and Campaign Analytics
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About this Program

Today, social media manager is one of the most popular and promising professions. The demand for these specialists will only grow along with the popularity of social networks. Lectera's online courses will help you navigate this profession and develop your SMM expertise!

You will learn how to promote your personal or corporate brand using Instagram. You will understand how companies, businesses, and brands use Instagram Stories to increase conversions, inform their audience, and attract attention. You will also find out how to make a company popular using social media. We'll show you how to use storytelling techniques to grow your business — while training, you will learn to inspire and motivate others with your stories, as well as create informative business content.

You will dive deeper into the peculiarities of YouTube and discover how to create high-quality and interesting videos, understand how to effectively run, support and promote your channel, improve the quality of video filming and editing, and how to behave in front of a camera. We will immerse you in the intricacies of creating and promoting original video content.

You will also learn how to promote your business with Facebook and be able to create your first marketing campaign. You will be able to attract a huge number of new customers and lead the company to success and popularity! If you want to know what Facebook targeted ads are and how to customize them, our online courses will help you with that too! You will find out how to conduct A/ B testing to select the best options for your ad campaigns. You will be able to test different titles and visuals, analyze launches, and change your strategy in time.

You will learn how to catch the tide on Telegram, a messenger that is rapidly gaining an audience all over the world.

All the knowledge and skills gained during the course will help you become a successful specialist and feel quite at home in the SMM field. All Lectera courses contain practical exercises, life hacks and additional materials. Thus, they will help you quickly introduce new knowledge into your life.
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