HR Manager Career

Human capital management, HR brand company development, and HR trends

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What you will get:

Remote Work: How to Avoid Burnout
Read People's Emotions. Psychophysiology and Nonverbal Methods
Learn or Leave the Market. Career and Business Development Manual
Conflict management: how to create a positive atmosphere in the team
How to build a dream team: tools to achieve common goals

About this Program

Would you like to reach a new career level, develop skills within the company, and create an effective team?

Our specialized training program will help you to reach these goals! You will study the global changes in the labor market and see how to find the best candidates for job openings. Furthermore, you will receive all the necessary work tools to help you succeed in HR.

You will study in-demand skills that employees need to develop. You will be able to build a strategy for onboarding for new employees. You will examine the adaptation process through the eyes of a beginner and master the leadership skills that will help you build a successful team. You will learn the techniques that are important to implement and scale in a company, and you will find out how to competently manage a company during a crisis. You will be able to draw up a strategy for anti-crisis HR management, discovering who to look for and develop within the company. You will also understand how to organize work during the transition to telecommuting, develop and motivate staff, and help line managers build a remote work strategy. You will learn to design conflict management systems at the company level and find out how to complete the training system for employees and develop the company's HR brand. You will be able to explore the main international HR trend, which is diversity and inclusiveness in the company, as well as develop emotional intelligence that will help you conduct effective interviews. You will look through the employees' eyes at the problem of burnout and see how to implement a support system in the company. Practical exercises will help you structure the approach to addressing the missing competencies. In our courses, you will not only find the answer to the question: “How to become a sought-after specialist?”, but also become one.

All Lectera courses contain practical exercises, life hacks and additional materials. Be sure to use them as they will help you to quickly introduce new knowledge into your life.

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