Blogger Career

Blogging can be both a hobby and a profitable business.

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What you will get:

Storytelling For Business. Make Money by Telling Stories
Instagram From Scratch. From Registration to First Sales
YouTube Marketing. Make Your Channel Popular
Launching Facebook Ads. Take Your Business to the Next Level
PPC Advertising. Drive Traffic and Boost Sales

About this Program

In the Blogger Career program, you will learn how to do this. The skills acquired in our online courses will help you see yourself and your capabilities in a different way. You will find that your knowledge and talents are not limited to standard responsibilities. You will discover how to present yourself, talk about your hobbies, write scripts, work with the camera, and communicate with the audience. We will teach you to stand out!

During the training, you will learn about promotion methods, discuss the secrets of interacting with the audience, and master effective tools for monetization. Your blog will become your permanent source of income. You will discover how to promote yourself with Instagram, expand your personal brand, and drive sales. You will understand that your personal brand can be promoted on other social networks, and we will teach you how to do it. We will tell you how to promote yourself on Facebook and attract a large number of customers using storytelling. If you've been dreaming of becoming a YouTube blogger for a long time, but don't know where to start, our courses will help you with that as well.

You will see how to most effectively run, maintain and promote your channel, how to improve the quality of video filming and editing, and how to act in front of the camera. Additionally, we will teach you the intricacies of content creation and promotion. You will master modern ad serving technologies. You will also learn how to start selling your own educational courses and take over the online education market. If you want to choose a different direction, we will tell you how to create your own podcast that will help you make a name for yourself, promote your personal brand and increase the customer flow. You will find out how to deal with journalists and make sure that all your newsworthy developments are actually interesting to the media. We will discuss techniques that will help you develop creativity and come up with new ideas with ease. You will also learn to work with information, discover how to learn effectively, and become more successful every day. This knowledge and skills will help you master your dream profession and become successful by promoting yourself and your expertise!

All Lectera courses contain practical exercises, life hacks and additional materials. Be sure to use them as they will help you to quickly introduce new knowledge into your life.
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Laura Iveth Garcia Parra


Laura Iveth Garcia Parra


Laura Iveth Garcia Parra