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What you will get:

Storytelling For Business. Make Money by Telling Stories
SEO — To Google's Top. Website Optimisation for Promotion
Instagram From Scratch. From Registration to First Sales
Problematic Customers. Building Trust
Increase Sales. Through Online and Offline Marketing

About this Program

Did you know that successful businesspeople are not happy minions of fortune? Most of them started their business from scratch — they learned, made mistakes, tried, but never gave up. And, perhaps, they would have made fewer mistakes and their path to success would have been shorter if they had the knowledge that you can get in the "Online Entrepreneur Profession" program. If you want to learn the specifics of e-marketing and develop your business, we will be happy to guide you along this path!

You will find out how to start your business from scratch, generate fresh ideas and implement the most ambitious projects. You will discover how to check the viability of an idea, choose investors, present your project convincingly and negotiate favorable terms of the deal. Additionally, you will receive a step-by-step algorithm for market analysis, as well as learn how to study and segment your audience, foresee risks and adjust your strategy. You will also develop leadership skills and explore how to build a successful team to work together. You will understand how good project management works. Furthermore, we will teach you how to write a commercial proposal, select keys for any type of customer and create letters that potential clients will definitely respond to. You will understand how to use modern technologies for displaying ads, which will be useful for promoting your business and increasing your income level. Moreover, you will discover how to develop your personal brand on social media and become popular with Instagram. We will discuss how behavioral economics works, how to build a personal brand and attract large numbers of customers with it. In this program, you will study neuromarketing and learn how to manipulate people's behavior to suit your interests. With Lectera, you will be able to create more engaging ads, come up with better products, and get a lot of satisfied customers.

The acquired knowledge and skills will help you take your first steps in business, create a truly high-quality and popular product or service, and become successful!

All Lectera courses contain practical exercises, life hacks and additional materials. Be sure to use them, because they will help you to quickly introduce new knowledge into your life.

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