Forbes Education: Interview With Mila Semeshkina, the Founder and CEO of Lectera 

Forbes Education: Interview With Mila Semeshkina, the Founder and CEO of Lectera 

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The international online education platform Lectera officially launched on June 18, 2020, when COVID-19 kept the world on a tight leash.

And despite all the difficulties, Lectera has already gained 50,000 users from 31 countries in just two months of work. Learn more about how this was achieved, as well as about the main trends in online education, in Forbes Education's new interview with Mila Semeshkina.

Who takes online courses and why?

Online courses are most in demand among people who lost their job during the coronavirus crisis or felt that they could lose it if they did not master new professional skills right away. Many people simply decided to spend their free time on self-development. As a result, the investment attractiveness in EdTech has witnessed an increase, which is why the company has received tremendous development.

Bite-sized learning trend

The main trend of 2020, which will continue in 2021, is bite-sized learning, that is, learning in "small portions" in short periods of time. This approach compensates for the disadvantages of classical education, for example, the student's inability to personalize the pace of their learning. That is why all Lectera courses are split into short 5-10 minute videos - you can take them during your lunch break or on your way home. We don't have stop-lessons and our students are not obligated to do their homework. Thus, everyone can choose what pace to learn at, and do it not only to acquire benefit but also to have a good time in the process.

Availability of education

Another important trend we shouldn't forget about is the availability of education, including its financial terms. That is why Lectera doesn't have lots of expensive mentors, as is usual on other platforms, where students have to pay 80% of the cost for their involvement in courses At Lectera, students do not need mentors, because their learning is perfectly structured and organized, containing all the necessary materials for understanding and practising new skills.

Lectera's popular modules and fields of study

The most popular courses today are courses in sales, digital marketing, and soft skills - this is what modern employers look for when hiring new people. Also gaining popularity are women's leadership courses and educational programmes for teens, which you can find in our Lectera Teens module. We are also planning to launch the Lectera Insights module in the near future - it will consist of 5-minute videos offering students breakthrough ideas and ways to put them into practice.

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