According to a study of open vacancies, leadership skills consistently rank among the top competencies required by employers. Even in the era of blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data, employers still need people, and team-building, motivation and negotiation skills are more important than ever. Numerous studies show that people with high emotional intelligence stand a much higher chance of succeeding. Check out our articles in this section to find out how you can develop your leadership skills and other critically important abilities.

"I'm afraid to start": how to manage fear and start a new business

"I'm afraid to start": how to manage fear and start a new business

We all love to imagine that one day we will build a new life: sign up for that long-awaited course, give our boss our letter of resignation, go to the gym, or even finally start our own business instead of being stuck in the office 24/7.

How can you start over in the New Year with a clean slate?

How can you start over in the New Year with a clean slate?

Sooner or later, everyone reaches a turning point when they desire to quit old bad habits and turn over a new leaf.

Can you become a team leader? Take the test and find out what role you will take in the new team!

Can you become a team leader? Take the test and find out what role you will take in the new team!

Answer 8 questions of our test, choosing the option that suits you best. In the end, you will find out what position you have managed to get in our fictional team, and get some advice on adapting to the new team from Lectera!

Your first interview. How do you get your dream job?

Suppose a graduate's first job is with a reputable company. If that is the case, then it will be a lot easier for them to get a job in another great company.

Will you be able to convince artificial intelligence that you are right? Test your public speaking skills!

Are you going to give an important speech? Maybe you want to try public speaking? Or do you have a dream of giving your own TED talk?

Career Bank: How to figure out what profession will make you happy

How do you find out which professions or tasks you enjoy if the last time you took a career guidance course was when you were back in school? We have a number of working methods designed for the specialists already building their careers.

Career Bank: How to analyze the job market and understand how much you should be paid

To profitably "sell" your skills and knowledge to your employer, you need to understand who you are competing with and what amounts you can claim. These questions will be answered by a competent analysis of the labour market. How could you carry it out? We are here to tell you!

Career Bank: The main components of a professional image

The right image is the first step toward your professional success. Needless to say, it consists not only of expensive clothes and well-chosen perfume, as some experts mistakenly believe. It's a real Rubik's Cube! Today, we will take a closer look at all its sides.

Career Bank: How to get a pay rise

Do you want to raise your salary, grow into a position, or move to a new position with compensation that is several times larger than the previous one? We've compiled the list of the best strategies to do this.

Career Bank: How to set goals right

A career goal is what allows you to reach all heights. It mobilizes forces, motivates and inspires, and also helps to become that very best version of yourself. Here's how to set a goal that you won't give up on after a couple of weeks.

How much is your expertise worth in the labour market? Take this quick quiz from Lectera to find out!

Do you want to move to a new position, find a job you like, or grow within the company where you’re currently working? Before entering the job market or negotiating a salary increase, we advise you to check how much your expertise is worth. A simple quiz will help you find out how much you can expect to get paid and tells you what to look out for to increase your professional value!

"Why am I not the boss?" 5 skills you cannot build a career without

You are an excellent specialist in your field, but others are being promoted over you. Why is this happening? Most likely, you lack some special skills - soft skills.

Do you have a chance to build an international career?

Almost every highly skilled professional would love to have an international career. Maybe you haven’t reached a senior position yet, but still want to enter the international job market and work abroad for a company, if you live in a former Soviet state? Take the new Lectera test! 10 simple questions will help you to see how ready you are for an international career.