In this section we share ways to build healthy habits, review time management tools, and find out how our brain works and how we can use its full potential for effective learning. In short, we show you how you can make the most of your body's resources and direct them towards improving yourself. Each article in the 'Self-improvement' section is not just a text, but a guide to action filled with detailed instructions.

Day 5. Present vs future: skills

Day 5. Present vs future: skills

Today, we will compare the skills you already have with a goal you would like to achieve. It will enable you to build a road map based on the skills you need to develop.

Day 4. Ikigai: employing an ancient Japanese technique

Day 4. Ikigai: employing an ancient Japanese technique

As a part of the National Geographic program, researcher Dan Buettner has studied the so-called "blue zones" over five years, where the greatest number of centenarians are recorded living.

Day 3. Exercises to find your path

Day 3. Exercises to find your path

Would you like to gain a better understanding of what you really enjoy doing? Try the following exercises below. We guarantee that they will quickly help you discover the way to your true self.

Day 2. Find out your true desires and goals by filling out the questionnaire

t is difficult to choose what you want to do in the next few years or for the rest of your life.

Day 1. A fresh look at career guidance

Hello! Today is day one of our marathon. We invite you to answer the following test questions in two parts.

6 of the most useless professions in 2022

The year 2022 has brought us many surprises and has affected many areas of society. Not only store shelves were hit hard, but also certain areas in the labor market.

How the freelance market works abroad: everything you need to know if you want to work for foreign companies

Working for a foreign company, being paid in dollars or euros, and spending it in your national currency, whether roubles or even the more stable dirhams, is the dream of any freelancer who knows a foreign language.

Holiday skills: What skills you can easily develop on holiday

The French poet Anatole France once said, “Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.”

Let's see if you can distinguish between a great employer and a scammer!

During times of crisis, scammers are always going to be active. The labor market, unfortunately, is not immune from this trend.

How our memories deceive us: a scientific approach

Human memory is fascinating — we can remember the taste of a milkshake in New York ten years ago but cannot remember the book we read a month ago or where we put our phone.

Harmful tips for professionals: how to fail any job interview

Job interviews represent an extremely crucial moment in anyone's life, especially if it is their first job interview.

What would be a perfect hobby for you? Find your ideal hobby by answering 8 questions

Let me guess you would like to try a new hobby. However, you can't really choose one because there are so many different hobbies out there. Well, we can help you! Just answer the following 8 questions, and our artificial intelligence will select a hobby that will definitely interest you.

Eight professional and educational tasks for 2022

Everyone wants the new year to bring them new victories and accomplishments, but what are you willing to achieve this? You will have to performthese super tasks, which we at Lectera have compiled for you, at the very least!