Editor-in-Chief's Column

Editor-in-Chief's Column

Mila Semeshkina, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of the Lectera platform. Editor-in-chief of Lectera Magazine. Author of the book "Learn or leave the market". Marketer, modern media market researcher, producer of educational courses. An international expert in brand creation and promotion, the author of dozens of training programs, the creator of the 'fast education' methodology.

September the 1st?  How to study without self-harm and texting?

September the 1st?  How to study without self-harm and texting?

It is September the 1st. It is a solemn day when children are marching past with white collars and backpacks, and you can hear music and the cheerful clamor from the schools.

Tutorial: how to get through any type of job interview

Tutorial: how to get through any type of job interview

I have talked about this many times before, but I have decided to finally gather everything together in one place. Do you know that job interviews are all different?

A career plan for life. How to build your career at different ages

A career plan for life. How to build your career at different ages

Friends, hard times happen. Then, they will certainly end. But that will be later, but what should we do if right now is bad? My response: work.

Aim higher, be stronger, and more successful! Let's overcome any obstacles like the Olympians

Do you love the Winter Olympics as much as I do? Now that the XXIV Winter Olympic Games in Beijing are in full swing, we can again see true living legends in action.

How to start a new career in the new year: tips from Mila Semeshkina

To find  a cool job on New Year's Eve,  negotiating an acceptable  salary  and not burning yourself  out in the process would be a real miracle. And, as we know from experience, miracles are few and far between. So, what should you study right now and how to look for vacancies to start a new job in a month’s time? Lectera founder and CEO Mila Semeshkina will give you the right advice.

My December tradition: old questions and new resolutions for 2022!

December… Gosh! How many meanings this word has! Some people think of presents and rustling wrapping paper, whilst others dream of ice skating and beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

How will an online education increase your salary? Lectera CEO Mila Semeshkina tells us

The salaries of specialists who take professional development courses are much higher than the financial compensation of employees without additional education.

The online education trends that cannot be ignored in autumn 2021

The coronavirus has triggered a huge surge of interest in online education.

Top 5 career trends and their impact on business

What I love about the modern world is its possibilities, including career development. If you have long wanted to take control over your career and start the path to your dream, now is the time!

What do you have to know to survive in today's world?

How would you describe the world we are living in? Personally, the first words that come to my mind are “unpredictable” and “risky.” For this reason, it is called VUCA. It is a military acronym consisting of the English words volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

The Top Five Educational Trends in 2021

Well, friends, the summer of 2021 continues the trend of “Cancel all plans and rethink them.” Somewhere all boundaries are opened, and social life is, hopefully, gradually, coming back to life.

The Personal Growth Rules I Live By

Often, people ask me, “What’s your secret of continuous development and high productivity? How do you move forward not only confidently but also quickly? How do you conquer new goals, change and grow, scaling ever greater career heights?”

How can a company get out of the crisis? 13 top tips from Lectera CEO Mila Semeshkina

How do you respond to crises? I see any crisis as an opportunity for growth, and not as a loss of hope or worse, the business.