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What are role models, and how can they help you learn?

When people ask me what helps me achieve my goals, I answer: "My role models." However, the other person frequently becomes curious because not everybody knows what role models are and why you need them. So, let me explain.


How can a female leader competently manage a team full of males?

In today's world, women enjoy the same career prospects and opportunities that used to get reserved for men.

| Leadership
Network marketing

How well do you really understand internet marketing?

Internet marketing combines both the best benefits of traditional marketing with the latest technology. It is incredibly versatile and could create up to 90% of your business profits, even without offline methods.

Digital marketing

Behavioral marketing and narrative advertising. How to get customers to buy without hesitation

Successful marketing is about increasing sales and maximizing profits, building brand awareness, and developing trust with your audience.

| Digital marketing

The Most Original Advertising Campaigns That Made Film History

Competent promotion is an important component of the success of any product, including in the film industry.

| Sales
The worst mistake you can make is to give up because of a temporary setback. Each and every one of us has made this mistake at some point in our lives.


Five Rules for Successful Online Negotiations

Online meetings have become commonplace for many of us in the last few years.

How to create and launch a successful merchandise

Nothing is more satisfying for a business owner than knowing that you are in demand and popular in the marketplace.

How to integrate into a new workplace without psychological difficulties and problems

In today's fast-paced world, sooner or later, each of us must change jobs and face new, unfamiliar surroundings.

Which Ancient Greek God Are You? A Quick Quiz from Lectera

Would you like to be an ancient Greek god? Which one? Maybe Zeus, the ruler of Olympus? Or are you more interested in being Hades because his underworld intrigues you more than the pantheon of gods? Or Poseidon, who was capable of flooding anything?

Guide: an overall introspection of your career and life using the SWOT technique!

When looking for a job and putting together a CV, it is difficult to accurately assess one's abilities, skills, and strengths.

Which planet do you think you could have been born on? A short quiz from Lectera

Who knows what planets humanity could reach in the next 100 years; maybe we might stop at Mars or colonize another galaxy. Let us imagine that we are already living in the 2100s and can opt to live on any solar planet.

Which New Year's Eve movie character are you?

The demand for New Year's films is already through the roof. Rather than watching movies like "The Avengers" or anything similar, your weekend is now spent in the company of Christmas films. So, what kind of character could you be from a New Year's movie?