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“Are They Going to Fire Me?” or How to Distinguish Real Causes for Concern from a Phobia

Staff redundancy is a common procedure for any company, which is carried out not only during crises to save resources, but also during expansion to bring fresh energy and ideas into the company.


What to do if your colleagues do not respect you or even dislike you

Trying to win the respect of people who fundamentally do not want to show you that respect is just a waste of time.

| Leadership
Network marketing

How well do you really understand internet marketing?

Internet marketing combines both the best benefits of traditional marketing with the latest technology. It is incredibly versatile and could create up to 90% of your business profits, even without offline methods.

Digital marketing

How to make millions by selling through landing pages

Would you like to become an online sales guru? Well, start selling through landing pages, which are single-page websites.

| Digital marketing

The Most Original Advertising Campaigns That Made Film History

Competent promotion is an important component of the success of any product, including in the film industry.

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The worst mistake you can make is to give up because of a temporary setback. Each and every one of us has made this mistake at some point in our lives.


Marketplace Specialist: The Most Popular Occupation in 2022

In this mini guide, we will discuss the skills that a marketplace specialist must have, estimate their salaries in the current job market, and discuss the courses which will help you develop in this area.

Big Data Specialist: Make Millions with Analytics

Today we are discussing the profession of big data specialists. Looking at their job responsibilities and salaries, which will surprise even the most experienced managers.

An employee well-being specialist: what is well-being, and how can you achieve it?

In this new project material, we discuss the duties of a well-being specialist and the soft skills that will be useful for this position.

Crisis manager: how to save any company

The first material of this series of new professions. We examine crisis managers' work, duties, and relevance in large companies.

Day 6. Find your purpose through meditation

Some believe that every individual is born with certain talents. However, they do not always reveal themselves - these talents must be found to be recognised and nurtured, like plant seeds.

Day 5. Present vs future: skills

Today, we will compare the skills you already have with a goal you would like to achieve. It will enable you to build a road map based on the skills you need to develop.

Day 4. Ikigai: employing an ancient Japanese technique

As a part of the National Geographic program, researcher Dan Buettner has studied the so-called "blue zones" over five years, where the greatest number of centenarians are recorded living.