Don’t Get Angry! What to Do if You Are Overwhelmed With Emotions at Work
Don’t Get Angry! What to Do if You Are Overwhelmed With Emotions at Work

All of us have experienced irritation at work at least once — due to constant communication with clients, demanding deadlines, and a wayward boss.

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A sabbatical – what it is and why you and businesses need them

We all know there are vacations and dismissals, and there are also maternity leaves, resignations, sick leaves, et cetera.

Test. Your Role in the Team

As we know, every person in society plays a particular role, and the work team is no exception. Our role depends not only on our professional abilities and functions but also on our character, personal qualities, how we build relationships with others, and the work itself. What role do you think you play in your team?

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Network marketing
How well do you really understand internet marketing?

Internet marketing combines both the best benefits of traditional marketing with the latest technology. It is incredibly versatile and could create up to 90% of your business profits, even without offline methods.

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Digital marketing
How it was: the evolution of marketing from its origins to the present day

Many perceive the marketing profession as one of the most modern ones. Marketers haven't been around that long, but the roots of this profession are much deeper.

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The Most Original Advertising Campaigns That Made Film History

Competent promotion is an important component of the success of any product, including in the film industry.

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The worst mistake you can make is to give up because of a temporary setback. Each and every one of us has made this mistake at some point in our lives.


What Can Neural Networks Do? Test Your Knowledge!

In the last few years, neural networks have been actively used in medicine, engineering, fintech, art, and literally in all areas of human activity.

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How Emotional Intelligence Impacts Success and Why Your Career Depends Upon It

The modern world continues to evolve rapidly, and emotional Intelligence plays an increasingly important role in it.

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How to Stay Relevant in the Age of Neural Networks

Amazingly, technology research has come so far that machines have learnt how to handle human tasks.

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How Neural Networks Can Help You Build Your Career

Surprisingly, just a couple of years ago, neuro-enthusiasts assured the world community that artificial intelligence was about to surpass humans.

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Introduction to sectors: a guide to economic sectors for investing and much more

Economics is a difficult field, especially in terms of understanding and studying.

Five Famous People Who Found Themselves in Difficult Circumstances but Changed Them

It's no news that most of us are born into the most ordinary families and must achieve everything independently.

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