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How to create and launch a successful merchandise

How to create and launch a successful merchandise

Nothing is more satisfying for a business owner than knowing that you are in demand and popular in the marketplace.

Who will help you launch your startup: business incubators or "holy entrepreneurs"?

Who will help you launch your startup: business incubators or "holy entrepreneurs"?

Starting a business from scratch is never an easy thing. Every startup takes a considerable risk, particularly if you lack the knowledge and financial resources to develop your business.

A project manager or project leader: the most important cog in the machine

Today we will introduce you to the profession of a project manager and tell you about the skills you will need to get started as well as the free courses that will help you develop them.

Sustainability Specialist: In Russia, how much can you earn from ESG?

This mini guide is dedicated to the duties of an ESG professional, including the size of their salary and how you can get ahead in this professional field.

Marketplace Specialist: The Most Popular Occupation in 2022

In this mini guide, we will discuss the skills that a marketplace specialist must have, estimate their salaries in the current job market, and discuss the courses which will help you develop in this area.

Big Data Specialist: Make Millions with Analytics

Today we are discussing the profession of big data specialists. Looking at their job responsibilities and salaries, which will surprise even the most experienced managers.

An employee well-being specialist: what is well-being, and how can you achieve it?

In this new project material, we discuss the duties of a well-being specialist and the soft skills that will be useful for this position.

Crisis manager: how to save any company

The first material of this series of new professions. We examine crisis managers' work, duties, and relevance in large companies.

Do you know how to motivate your employees? Let's find out!

Motivation is everything. Do you want your employees to work hard, be interested in the company's future, truly enjoy their job, and make them work harder and faster?

Movies for professionals: what to watch for salespeople, marketers, and traders

What could be better than a movie night at home with popcorn and soda after a hard week at work?

Can you save money in a crisis? The Lectera quiz will assess your financial preparation!

Today the entire world, especially Russia, is experiencing callous times. Crazy price rises, mass layoffs, company closures, and difficulties with the exchange rate.