You’ve already seen how unpredictable and unstable our world has become, right?  What seemed like the plot for a sci-fi blockbuster five years ago is now our reality.  You must adapt quickly to survive and succeed.

To make everything work out for you, Lectera, together with the International Management Academy, has launched a free series of online videos entitled "How to find yourself and build a career in the new VUCA world?" The series includes six different videos - six areas where anyone can level up vital soft skills and learn more about building a career in the modern and dangerous VUCA world. But for starters...

What is VUCA-world?

What is VUCA-world

VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) is, simply put, the world we live in now. This world is volatile and complex, where you can never be a hundred per cent sure of tomorrow.

Pentagon employee Colonel and behavioural psychologist Stephan Garros coined the term VUCA back in 1987. He used VUCA to describe an unpredictable pattern of combat operations. In the late 2000s, the term was assimilated into everyday life and found its way into the business world as a term for volatile market conditions.

In practice, the acronym VUCA means:

  • Volatility - today's business and labour market professionals must be highly flexible and adapt quickly to new trends emerging every week in the world. If you want to be among the first, change at the snap of your fingers!
  • Uncertainty - is the lack of information to predict consequences, making it impossible to plan for the long term. You've got to make decisions here and now. For instance, a product launch that is due in six months may easily get derailed due to market turmoil, and you've got to be ready for this.
  • Complexity - refers to a complex environment and a wealth of information and external factors. You must take these into account and consider how they complicate the decision-making and planning process. For example, entering an international market involves complying with many rules that may be impossible to follow.
  • Ambiguity is the lack of clear rules of the game. In our contemporary world, people must think on their feet, making decisions in qualitatively new situations that they have never encountered before. For example, with the emergence of new social media like TikTok, there was no data on user behaviour and how to promote and use this platform for business purposes.

In many niches, the pace of change has already exceeded the speed at which humans have time to absorb and assimilate information. The VUCA world is chaos, and to succeed in it, you need to learn how to manage it to make it a part of your life! But how?

Manage chaos with Lectera and IAM (International Academy of Management)!

Manage chaos with Lectera and IAM

The experts from the International Academy of Management and Lectera have teamed up to give people the opportunity to develop in different directions and adapt to the new world. After all, the rules and strategies we followed ten years ago to succeed are no longer working today. The only way to build a career in the VUCA world is to follow the concept of life-long learning. That is to learn and relearn, honing soft skills and decision-making skills at breakneck speed.

That is precisely the goal that Lectera's educational platform helps to realise. With our online courses, you can develop yourself without taking time out of your day job and without having to spend time on university programmes disconnected from reality. We don't offer a replacement for classical education - we offer a way to keep up with a changing world! Our "Fast Education" methodology allows you to get only the knowledge that can be turned into a workable skill and put into practice in the optimum time. All the knowledge you gain with Lectera is easy to monetise!

Lectera courses, on the other hand, will help you quickly establish related skills to make success even easier!

Choose from any of the six courses available, or download a full version of all the sessions in one video. Start learning with the best HR and EdTech experts today!

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