Day 2. Find out your true desires and goals by filling out the questionnaire

Day 2. Find out your true desires and goals by filling out the questionnaire

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t is difficult to choose what you want to do in the next few years or for the rest of your life.

To avoid rushing into a decision and regretting it, you must carefully consider all aspects, including your needs and desires. The most rewarding and successful job brings you the greatest pleasure. So today, we will try to help you discover it!

Step № 1. Recognise your need for change

Recognise your need for change

Every choice you make in life involves change. However, you cannot accept these changes or make a choice until you realise what you really want. So, you wait until "next Monday" to start and then find numerous excuses because you feel it is not the right time to act. Although how do you want to make a change?

Take an A4 piece of paper or print out our template below, and then answer each of the questions with as much detail as possible:

What are you unhappy with, and what would you like to change about your…

  • Relationship with a loved one: __________

  • Relationships with the family: __________

  • Relationships with relatives: __________

  • Relationships with friends: __________

  • Career and workflow: __________

  • Your financial situation: __________

  • Your own character: __________

  • Your habits: __________

  • Your health and body: __________

This list will serve as a starting point for your professional transformation. However, it is not enough on its own. Initiating change depends on your degree of belief in it, your motivation, and your inspiration. Complete this list at least once a month to keep track of your results, and ask yourself specific questions regularly to keep you focused and on the right path:

  • How will I live in 5, 10, or 15 years if I continue to do what I am doing now and do not find anything I love?

  • What will my health be like?

  • Will I be happy?

  • Will I be productive and successful in this area?

  • Will I become richer than I am now? How richer?

  • Will I be able to make my loved ones happier?

  • Will I enjoy my life?

  • Will I regret the time I have spent?

Step № 2. Choose your direction for change

Choose your direction for change

Now you know what no longer serves you in your life and understand why you need to change urgently. However, it is still not enough to act. After all, before you go on a trip, you always choose a destination, right? So, where will you go with the changes you want?

One option is to act blindly, experimenting with different activities and ways randomly until you produce something that resonates professionally and emotionally with you. Still, this is a very resource-intensive strategy. Moreover, you risk losing time and money when trying everything. Therefore, it is better to start by filling out this questionnaire:

1. What would you do if you were incredibly rich and could do anything?

Just imagine you have a gold card in your wallet with an unlimited balance. You have just about everything and can do whatever you want to do. So, write down five things you would do first (not counting "lounging on the couch" and "travelling the world"). It has to be an activity, some kind of work that provides measurable results. The type of work that will make you happy.






2. What would you do if you were so poor that you had no money for food?

We will now dramatically turn everything upside down and go to the opposite extreme. Imagine that you were fired from your job, your flat is about to be seized for debts, and social services want to take your children. As they say, a mouse hanged itself in your refrigerator, and you are honestly close to joining it too. But no, it is far too early to give up! You urgently need to look for a job. However, remember that it should give you a little bit of fun. What five jobs would you consider first?






3. What activities make you happier simply because you do them?

Think about the activities that make you happy, including when you are in any mood, regardless of the state of affairs. It must be something you can spend countless hours doing and forget about the time. As a general rule, these activities are our hobbies and interests. Write them down! Idleness and sleep, of course, do not count.






Step № 3. Initiate change and act

Initiate change and act

Now re-read the three resulting lists and figure out where they overlap, at least indirectly. For example, in the first and third lists, you wrote down the same thing - oil painting - because it is your hobby and something you would willingly devote yourself to if you did not need the money. Although in the second list, you wrote "graphic design" since you know how lucrative it can be and can also draw digital art. This is definitely a good reason to look at the overlap in these directions!

Once you have identified a few overlaps and directions that are objectively worth trying, browse the Lectera catalogue. Here you will discover educational courses for every occasion, and the lecture part of every one of them takes no more than 5 hours to complete. Learning is always the first step toward any dream. When you begin to act, do not forget that you will probably need new knowledge and skills to achieve it.

Need more help?

If you unexpectedly cannot make a choice between directions or are completely lost in them altogether, then here are a few more additional questions to help you find your bearings:

  • What would you like to perform most of the time in your current job? Which of the tasks you are currently doing do you enjoy the most?

  • What kind of team do you feel most comfortable working in? Are you a solo player or a team player? Is it better in the office or working at home remotely?

  • Which projects from the past that you have been involved in or wanted to participate in are interesting to you?

  • What are your most developed competencies and strengths? What are your best skills? And which ones do you like to put into practice? And which ones are you not so great at?

  • What are your priorities - a convenient schedule, salary, room for creativity, career growth, or social guarantees? What are you prepared to sacrifice?

  • Do you have plans for the foreseeable future? What kind of work would help you to achieve them?

Now the direction is clear. It is time to move on!

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