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4 U's headlines

4U headlines: what are they?

what is 4 u's headlines

A 4U headline captures the reader's attention and casts your unique selling proposition (USP) in the best light. Among its advantages are the most profitable presentation of a product or service, drawing the audience's attention to the following text, and increasing the conversion of landing pages for businesses from any niche.

4U headlines are so-named because we base them on four components:

  • Usefulness;
  • Ultra specificity (extreme specificity of an offer);
  • Uniqueness;
  • Urgency.

You can change the order of the components - they are not attached to each other.

You can use the 4 U's rule anywhere. With it, you can sell everything from flower bouquets to finished flats, and anything in between, from English lessons to general cleaning.

The 4 U's formula

the 4 u's headlines formula

The 4 U's formula of copywriting for writing effective headlines consists of the four components already mentioned above.


It conveys to the visitor of the page the benefits of your offer. It also elucidates its advantages and the result that a potential client can get with the help of a product or service. The client will buy exactly the benefits: a gym membership guarantees that they will stay in shape, an ornate bouquet - the addressee's joy, home decor - comfort and special warmth in the bedroom and office.

4U headlines suggest that verbs best express usefulness and benefit in the imperative mood. We recommend using such verbs as "get", "learn", "find out", "save", etc.

Ultra specificity (extreme specificity of the offer)

It would be best if you elucidated benefits in concrete statistics or by comparison with competitors' products. That will increase the offer's credibility and play on the user's emotions, which will help them justify buying an expensive robot hoover or another mint-coloured dress.

Don't repeat the extreme specificity of an offer more than once. Use either a number ("Bouquet of 25 roses for 3000 Rubles") or a comparison ("A unique bouquet of 25 roses for the price of dinner in a restaurant").


Uniqueness reinforces the previous claims. Thanks to it, the user will understand why you are trustworthy. Moreover, they'll know your expertise and why your offer is the best on the market. That will secure the potential customer's interest and encourage them to buy.


Urgency is not a discount or promotion that expires in a day - rather, it is a specific time slot in which the potential customer will receive the promised benefit. The user already has an idea of the outcome and time frame, which moves them towards making a purchase decision. The 4U rule for headline writing does not negate the possibility of using a discount as a reference to urgency. Still, we advise against resorting exclusively to this format to entice customers.

How to write a 4U headline

How to write a 4U's headline

Firstly, identify the benefit of the offer. For example, you're selling English language courses to entrepreneurs looking to market their product internationally. Your teachers are native speakers and qualified teachers. The 4U formula when creating a selling headline requires you to point out the benefit - learning English with an English speaker (or American - depends on the offer) who has a mastery of the language.

Secondly, identify the extreme specificity of the offer. In this example, it would be a specific methodology to train people in business who want to enter the English-speaking market and not use the language in, for example, corporate communication.

Thirdly, determine the uniqueness of the proposition. The 4U technology for headlines allows you to name any feature that distinguishes you from your competitor as unique. For example, such a feature could be certified teachers who respond to a student's messages even at midnight and even on bank holidays or the opportunity to build a network through training in the same group with ambitious entrepreneurs.

Fourthly, specify the duration of the offer. That could be the time it takes to learn English (6 months, for example), or it could be a promotion currently running at your school.

An example for a headline built around the 4U formula:

Learn English with native speakers at your convenience in a business English course in just six months

Examples of 4U headlines for different niches

Examples of 4U headlines for different niches

Working headlines created using the 4U system:

  • Increase your product sales by five times in a month with the help of Business 3.0
  • Earn from $1,500 per month, working from anywhere in the world! Learn how to create a landing page and reach new levels of income in just two months
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  • Increase the number of purchase requests from contextual advertising by 50%! Order free express audit and get the result in 2 hours
  • Get a quality manicure in a studio one minute from the underground for 1000 Rubles and one hour of your time! Get a complimentary gel varnish coating
  • Stretch ceilings at your request in one day with a 40% discount! Metering and a free visit from a specialist
  • Host a wedding on the unique scenario in an offsite residence for 100,000 rubles! Get free registration and a photoshoot. Book your date now!
  • Treat your pet without stress and extra expenses - round-the-clock home visits within half an hour. Get a basic test kit as a gift
  • Relocation without the headaches. Do it in just five hours, with a 20% discount. Book now and get an extra hour for free
  • Get up to 5 000 000 roubles in a secured car loan in one hour. Approve 90% of applications! You will keep your car
  • A unique bouquet like the one pictured here with delivery in just one hour. We will give it to you for free if the courier is late
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  • Increase your income through investments! Get a free investment plan from experts with 15 years of experience in 1 day

4U headline generators

4 U's headline generators

Generate a headline and drive marketing! The most popular resources for free 4U headline generation are "HubSpot", "HOTH", "SEOPressor", and "Portent."