Are you stressed?  Take the Lectera test and estimate your current level of stress!

Are you stressed? Take the Lectera test and estimate your current level of stress!

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Around 83% of people aged 21 to 40 have suffered from stress at least once in 2020. Unfortunately, in 2021, this figure already rose to 91%, which is very disappointing.

In fact, it proves just how much harder our lives are becoming and constant coping with a highly competitive job market and economic turmoil. We're now in the middle of a pandemic!

Stress is the body's natural reaction to external threats or challenges that infringe on your sense of security and stability. Stress is not dangerous in and of itself, but it is difficult in that if you don't deal with it, stress can become chronic and lead to anxiety disorders. We invite you to answer ten questions to assess your current stress levels and see if you need to take immediate action to rid yourself of anxiety. And if you are feeling stress, what's causing it? What can you do to help yourself get back to the joy of work and life? Lectera will tell you everything!

Entrepreneur magazine's pick: Lectera is among the 15 innovative products you should know about in 2024

The Spanish edition of the influential business publication Entrepreneur examined business recovery processes post-COVID-19. It released a list of 15 noteworthy innovative products worth paying attention to in 2024.

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An interview with Mila Smart Semeshkina for 150sec. Why traditional education can't keep up with online courses

According to a 2018 survey by the American Gallup Institute, only 1 in 10 graduate students said their education prepared them for practical work.

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Mila Smart Semeshkina and Lectera make it to the finals of the international EdTech Awards 2024

This year, there were over 60 nominations at The EdTech Awards | Future Focused For the Win. The online educational platform Lectera, led by its founder and CEO, Mila Smart Semeshkina, is among the winners.

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Mila Smart Semeshkina in the 100 Most Influential People in Dubai list

Mila Smart Semeshkina, CEO of the Lectera platform, was for the second time in a row included in Arabian Business’s 100 Most Influential People in Dubai ranking.

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According to Forbes columnist Mila Smart Semeshkina, "Startup success is a product of courage and foresight."

The founder and CEO of the Lectera platform, Mila Smart Semeshkina, told in her new article for the Forbes op-ed how to guarantee your startup a successful launch and a stable position in the market.

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Mila Smart Semeshkina receives the CEO of the Year at CEO Middle East Awards 2023!

On December 13, the annual Arabian Business’s CEO Middle East Awards ceremony was held in Dubai (UAE).

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Mila Smart Semeshkina Leads Inspiring Workshop on Personal Branding at UN Women Entrepreneurship Expo

Mila Semeshkina, CEO of Lectera and founder of the WE Convention, recently spearheaded a hands-on workshop on personal branding at the Women's Entrepreneurship Expo 2023.

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Mila Smart Semeshkina's article for Forbes: how business can make education accessible

In the 21st century, quality education is no longer a luxury; it should be a right. Everyone in the world, regardless of location, residence, gender, or financial status, should have the opportunity to obtain essential skills and knowledge to develop a career and realise one’s potential.

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