Today, we will compare the skills you already have with a goal you would like to achieve. It will enable you to build a road map based on the skills you need to develop.

Step 1. Find jobs that match your goal

You might be unable to match them regarding your work experience, education, or skills. However, these jobs should make you feel "Wow! Wow!" and not just "Well, yes, it must be a good job." Gather 10-15 of these vacancies and write down their requirements in a table. We recommend looking for vacancies on websites like, Glassdoor, or Indeed.

Step 2. Match the recurrent requirements

A candidate for a "high-flying" job vacancy often requires professional knowledge and soft skills. For example, almost any "big" job vacancy requires a candidate to work in a team, manage people, make decisions, and be creative. Try to combine the requirements and skills associated with the same abilities. Highlight the skills and requirements in bright colours.

Step 3. Write down how many points out of 10 you would give yourself for the highlighted skills

how many points out of 10 you would give yourself for the highlighted skills

For example, human resources management is 3 points, decision-making is 5 points, knowledge in physics is 10, etc. Write down all your skills, even the tiniest ones, which are part of a full set of other abilities, and evaluate them honestly, without trying to show off in front of yourself. It is far better to acknowledge your weaknesses now than at a later date when you urgently have to upgrade them to a super-serious level.

Step 4. Choose 5 skills you would like to develop right now

First, you have to focus on the skills that will be most useful to you. If you realise that, for example, retraining as a manager and learning the basics of graphic editors will help you grow in a job position, place these tasks in your plan for the next six months. You won't be able to transform your skills in one week, be realistic. If you do not know the skills you would be better off working on fast, pay attention to those that do not cause you too much stress and that interest you. Dealing with your fear is particularly useful, but rushing headlong into meeting it is not worth it.

Step 5. Create a roadmap to achieve your goal

You must develop a roadmap for your skill set and learning to be hired for your dream job. The free Lectera course "Learn or Leave the Market. Career and Business Development Manual" provides you with 2.5 hours of video. You will discover how to analyse the job market, plan your career development, and study the latest information for professional growth. Additional materials and real case studies are included in the course helping you to hone your skills and put them into practice. So, now, sign up and claim your free spot - they are limited.

Additional materials

We would like to give you a workbook for today's lesson. You can save and print it to fill out later.

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