Education news digest for the year 2023

Education news digest for the year 2023

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Denmark officially allows the use of ChatGPT in schools

Many educational institutions in Denmark have decided to introduce artificial intelligence into their academic programs. Implementing neural networks has sparked a mixed response amongst teachers who wanted it banned altogether.

At the same time, Mette Melgaard Pedersen, one of the teachers at Horsens Gymnasium, is implementing ChatGPT. According to them, "ChatGPT has arrived and is becoming a part of our lives. If you drive it underground, nothing will change," they are certain of this.

The Danish authorities supported this decision after conducting a series of studies and consultations with all participants in the educational process. Now, students can use ChatGPT during lessons and when preparing homework. For example, in a literature lesson, students may be asked to analyze a passage from a literary work independently and then with the help of artificial intelligence. This will enable children to understand not only the possibilities but also the limitations of using neural networks.

Mette Melgaard Pedersen admits that "Students often use ChatGPT carelessly. This becomes a problem - they think less for themselves, stop thinking critically about information, and then do not learn. However, we will benefit if we consider it a tool and could alter how we use it. First of all, from the point of view of my relationships with the students. Now I can openly talk to them about using ChatGPT and explain how it can help or hinder them."

Therefore, ChatGPT can assist students in acquiring new knowledge while autonomously developing critical thinking and other practical skills. However, before using AI capabilities, students must inform their teachers about it. Several grammar schools in Denmark have applied these teaching methods since the beginning of the year.

Blockchain technology can enhance the quality of online education

Blockchain technology is actively utilized in various areas of activity, such as finance and analytics. At the same time, the use of blockchain in the online education industry is no less in demand and has promising potential.

As a result, top universities with distance learning programs have started incorporating technology into the certification process for received education. Blockchain has simplified the certification procedure for verifying knowledge. It is an innovative approach to creating a system for storing and distributing information about learning outcomes. Therefore, one of the most notable benefits of blockchain is improving the quality of verifying academic results.

Likewise, "using blockchain in online education empowers students to manage their information by promising easy and flexible access to their data stored in blocks, ensuring fairness and transparency in every aspect of learning," according to a group of researchers and authors of a scientific paper about blockchain in education.

Therefore, blockchain infrastructure technology is used by the world's leading universities and online learning platforms to store and verify students' academic results and transfer traditional diplomas to a blockchain, leading to democratized access to information, diversified methods for assessing specialists, and confidential data protection. These factors significantly increase students' trust in educational institutions and programs.

A new stage in the development of Data Science has arrived


Researchers of modern digital technologies have witnessed the significant growth of Data Science, which offers vast opportunities and prospects for large-scale changes in working with big data. Specialists in this field have immense potential for development and career growth.

Data Science utilizes large amounts of data, statistics, and other huge volumes of unstructured information. Data Science researches and analyses various information and focuses on producing specific practical results. Data science has become increasingly in demand in multiple industries, including online education. This is attributed to the continuous increase in data volume and digitalization.

However, Data Science requires a specialist to possess certain skills and expertise. You must have programming, machine learning, and data analysis skills to work successfully in this field. This is why the profession is becoming increasingly popular and relevant in distance programs provided by educational platforms.

The emergence of Data Science presents a fantastic opportunity to improve production methods, develop new products and services, create new jobs, and stimulate economic growth.

Online education is rapidly developing in South Korea

In recent years, the country has emerged as a technology powerhouse. It has become the epitome of high-quality services, including educational ones. This rapid growth and development have sparked international student interest in South Korea as a potential destination for online education.

The country's educational institutions strive for flexibility and accessibility of education. Therefore, they are actively introducing programs for distance learning. This trend is observed in further education and in establishing secondary and higher education. This is because of several reasons: South Korea's government recognizes the significance of quality education for economic growth and social development, and it invests heavily in technological development to achieve its aims. This is why South Korea attracts professionals from various industries worldwide and novices who want to learn and develop their skills.

The new "Times Higher Education" ranking now includes significantly more Asian universities. "Competition from Asia is notably increasing," states "Times Higher Education" global affairs director Phil Baty.

The most popular professions in online education have been named


Currently, programming, web design, and marketing professions have become incredibly popular and relevant today. Notably, online distance learning programs are extremely popular among modern students.

Students are highly interested in the knowledge of developers, testers, and system analysts in programming. For those interested in design, computer graphics drawing, web design, graphic design, and 3D modeling are some of the most exciting professions. Those who want to develop in marketing consider the most popular programs to be Internet marketing, targeted advertising, and web analytics.

These results once again highlight the relevance of technological and creative professions in today's world and the growing demand for online education. In response to these trends, universities and educational platforms are actively developing innovative programs for distance learning together with a rapid mastery of various professions.

Wharton School of Business announces the launch of online educational programs

The American Business School at the University of Pennsylvania has launched a hybrid executive MBA program. Therefore, the Wharton School has become the first educational institution in the Ivy League association to introduce online learning. In addition to developing innovative programs, 25% of learning will be taught face-to-face, and another 75% will be conducted remotely.

The MBA Program for the Executives Global Group was launched in May 2023. The additional education professional program takes 22 months. It is aimed at top managers and senior executives from Asia, Europe, and North and Latin America. Also, they must have at least eight years of work experience.

Wharton Business School's Dean Erica James states, "The evolution of the Wharton Executive MBA program reflects our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation in educational teaching."

A new online university is opening in Japan


The new educational facility is tentatively named Zen University. It will open in Tokyo in 2025 and accommodate up to five thousand students. The university will become the second largest among the country's other universities. Currently, the Open University of Japan stands first, with fifteen thousand students.

Zen University will have only one department dedicated to high school students who have previously studied in online schools. According to statistics, 30% more students attended online schools in 2022 than a decade ago. Therefore, the number of these schools has doubled, following the online education trends of Dwango Co. The Nippon Foundation has founded Zen University and is expecting to see its first students in just a couple of years.

Kenya's first online university opens

The first educational institution with a distance learning format has received approval for its activities from the country's government. More than seven thousand students are expected to be admitted soon.

Here, they can study economics, statistics, business programs, digital technologies and cybersecurity, Internet forensics, and agriculture at the university. After completing the training programs, they will be awarded a bachelor's degree.

Kenya is actively investing in creating a secure and convenient infrastructure for learning. For example, during the first year of the Open University's existence, almost two billion shillings were allocated from the country's budget. Additionally, tax funds will be utilized to develop distance learning and the infrastructure to support Internet access.

American colleges have switched almost entirely to online education

Most US community colleges will primarily conduct classes remotely by the end of 2023. This is because the students have requested this type of learning.

Additionally, at East Los Angeles College, 60% of their educational programs are online. At the same time, the programs the students are interested in are asynchronous, allowing them to study at their convenience. Furthermore, most students in California reported that they preferred hybrid courses to regular ones. This will enable them to combine studies with their work, personal life, hobbies, and family obligations. An online education provides them with this opportunity and flexibility in their learning.

Most American states have experienced a similar trend. Northern Virginia, where online programs were already popular, has seen a significant increase in the number of students interested in them. Colorado has also witnessed a 10% surge in online course registrations for the Autumn semester.

Mila Smart Semeshkina and Lectera make it to the finals of the international EdTech Awards 2024

This year, there were over 60 nominations at The EdTech Awards | Future Focused For the Win. The online educational platform Lectera, led by its founder and CEO, Mila Smart Semeshkina, is among the winners.

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Mila Smart Semeshkina in the 100 Most Influential People in Dubai list

Mila Smart Semeshkina, CEO of the Lectera platform, was for the second time in a row included in Arabian Business’s 100 Most Influential People in Dubai ranking.

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According to Forbes columnist Mila Smart Semeshkina, "Startup success is a product of courage and foresight."

The founder and CEO of the Lectera platform, Mila Smart Semeshkina, told in her new article for the Forbes op-ed how to guarantee your startup a successful launch and a stable position in the market.

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Mila Smart Semeshkina receives the CEO of the Year at CEO Middle East Awards 2023!

On December 13, the annual Arabian Business’s CEO Middle East Awards ceremony was held in Dubai (UAE).

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Mila Smart Semeshkina Leads Inspiring Workshop on Personal Branding at UN Women Entrepreneurship Expo

Mila Semeshkina, CEO of Lectera and founder of the WE Convention, recently spearheaded a hands-on workshop on personal branding at the Women's Entrepreneurship Expo 2023.

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Mila Smart Semeshkina's article for Forbes: how business can make education accessible

In the 21st century, quality education is no longer a luxury; it should be a right. Everyone in the world, regardless of location, residence, gender, or financial status, should have the opportunity to obtain essential skills and knowledge to develop a career and realise one’s potential.

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Mila Smart Semeshkina is in the top 20 most inspiring female leaders in the Middle East

The Italian women's magazine Grazia has published an article about businesswomen in the Arab world.

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Mila Smart Semeshkina for Forbes: "Stories of accomplished female leaders can serve as beacons"

Mila Smart Semeshkina has published an author's column in Forbes.

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Mila Semeshkina for Arabian Business: "The success of Lectera wasn’t immediate"

In her new interview with the renowned business publication Arabian Business, CEO and Founder of Lectera Mila Semeshkina talks about how our platform achieved such success and why we have every chance of becoming an EdTech unicorn.

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