Every year the US analytical centre HolonIQ compiles the rating of the best EdTech companies from Russia and the CIS countries. Lectera re-enters the list for the second time.

Out of almost two thousand startups in the EdTech category, the HolonIQ platform experts have selected the 100 most promising companies that have every chance of changing the world of online education. The new ranking was published on October 7, 2021. Specialists from the internal team of the Intelligence Unit analytical centre and experts at the online learning market were the ones to compile the list.

To evaluate companies, HolonIQ studied the markets in which startups operate, the uniqueness of the products they offer, the organisations' financial security, the pace of their development as well as the level of professionalism their teams possess. According to the experts who worked on the rating, Russia and the CIS countries are leaders in introducing new technology into educational ecosystems. These are the regions where people steadily get more interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), programming, the fundamentals of robotics, creating VR applications, and advanced training for various technology experts.

In addition to Lectera, the Workforce & Skills category of this rating includes such companies as InfoUrok, Bang Bang Education, SF Education, Skill Cup, HTML Academy, and others.

You can read the entire list of winners on the official HolonIQ website.

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