Mila Semeshkina on the cover of April Forbes Club!

Mila Semeshkina on the cover of April Forbes Club!

Lectera already has offices in Moscow, Miami, and Dubai and plans to open a representative office in Europe.

India and Latin America are the largest markets for the platform. Within two years, Lectera will become the largest unicorn of EdTech! This is all thanks to Mila Semeshkina. She is the very person who considers it her destiny to open the way for millions of people to a career, a successful life, and quality education.

In her large exclusive interview with the business publication Forbes Club, Mila Semeshkina told how her story and the story of Lectera started, what difficulties the company had to face in the Russian market, how her team is built, and why Smart Mila is not just a nickname.

The interview for Forbes Club has many revelations and unique facts about Mila and her vision of the EdTech business. For example, did you know that...

  • Mila Semeshkina works 14-16 hours a day. Multiply that number by seven, and you'll get an unbelievable number of Mila's working hours a week - that's right, she doesn't have any days off or vacations.
  • Mila Semeshkina does not consider other training platforms as her competitors since Lectera's educational methodology is based on video content. This is why Lectera's main competitors are YouTube and social networks that take away users' attention.
  • Mila Semeshkina is president of the Women's Empowerment Council, which unites more than 30,000 women worldwide. The organization helps women develop in the business world on an equal footing with men and build successful careers.
  • Lectera owns one of the largest production studios in Europe and the former Soviet republics, which produces content of various formats (video, audio, text, etc.) in 16 languages. Therefore, it allows Lectera to remain independent of external investments.
  • Mila believes that a significant share of training should be free. So, that's why she leads the Women's Empowerment Council and launched a special section on Lectera with free courses that help people instantly change their lives.

Now Mila Semeshkina is the face of the Cover of Forbes Club!

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