Today Is Lectera’s Birthday. Let’s Talk About Our Achievements in a Year

Today Is Lectera’s Birthday. Let’s Talk About Our Achievements in a Year

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Today the Lectera international educational platform is celebrating its birthday! Exactly one year ago, on June 18, 2020, we introduced our innovative Fast Education methodology, which has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Since that day, we have continually helped them. We continue to help them build a career, make more money, boost important soft skills, and achieve their goals.

Each of our courses has been developed for months by a team of international experts. We have added the most relevant skills and knowledge to our courses, but also love. Lectera's ultimate goal is for every person on earth to live the way they truly deserve, and we stoically pursue our dream! Although the platform was launched amid the coronavirus pandemic, and we had to rethink the strategy several times, we made it through. We are only a year old, but we have already achieved mind-blowing breakthroughs.


Our biggest achievement and birthday present is winning the 2021 EdTech Breakthrough Awards as the Best Ongoing Education Solution Provider! This is the world's most prestigious EdTech award, recognising only the most innovative companies that have truly made a difference in our world. Discovery Education and LEGO Education are the 2020 winners, and now Lectera has joined the ranks!

However, these are not all the achievements that we are proud of. This year we also:

  • Expanded our staff from 50 to 250 people from 19 countries and launched more than 100 new courses.
  • Moved to a cool new office in Moscow-City and opened offices in Miami and Dubai.
  • Collaborated with companies such as Grintern, trivago, English First, and the International Management Academy.
  • Hosted many helpful webinars on online education and career. Among the invited speakers were, for example, the former editor-in-chief of Allure magazine Ksenia Vagner and the founder of Fort Ross Ventures, Victor Orlovsky.
  • Together with serial entrepreneur Alex Reinhardt, we launched a free Money Education training programme, consisting of 15 of the most sought-after and important courses in business and soft skills.
  • The CEO of the Lectera platform, Mila Semeshkina, became one of the top 100 Russian women in IT startups and the world's top 10 CEOs of EdTech companies. She also launched a YouTube channel with career tips and became a regular columnist for the Forbes US edition.
  • Mila Semeshkina also got interviewed by such famous publications as Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Forbes, and many others.

Of course, this is not all we got through in a year! It's just the beginning, and Lectera is awaiting even more victories and achievements in the future. We do not intend to stop at the achieved results and are planning to develop further. Until then…

Happy birthday, Lectera!

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