Who will NOT be able to change jobs after 50 years old?

Who will NOT be able to change jobs after 50 years old?

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Employment is always difficult, and employment after fifty is doubly difficult.

Doing everything all over again: a marathon of interviews, negotiating a salary, writing a resume, getting used to a new team. But also all over again: new prospects, a second wind with a completely new career with where so many unexplored horizons are open to you! A new job is always like a blank page of life; so it's never too late to turn the page.

Reasons why people change jobs after the age of 50

Reasons why people change jobs after the age of 50

In addition to the desire for change and new knowledge, other reasons can push a person to find a job after 50 years old:

  • emotional burnout. It can occur at any age, and sometimes it is so severe that conventional methods like meditation and vacation do not help.
  • dissatisfaction with current conditions. Who said that a person after 50 should stop striving for a better life?
  • desire to free up time for family and hobbies. When else can you devote time to your loved ones and to yourself, if not now? This is where working with a flexible schedule will definitely come in handy!
  • desire to fulfill an old dream. You have already developed yourself a lot for the sake of a high standard of living and did it all by yourself. So now it's time to work for fun, not money!
  • a kind of retirement. You are tired of working, but you can't do "nothing" all day. And there is a simple job near your house that will make you happy.

Each of these reasons is a compelling argument to finally take action! After all, as we said, a new job is a new page of your life. It is possible and necessary to change jobs, and at any age. Yes, after 50-55 years old searching for a job becomes more difficult, but it is still within reach. Unless, of course, you belong to one of the special types of people who will definitely not be able to build a career again... What are these types of people? Find out now!

Types of people whose job search is doomed to failure

Types of people whose job search is doomed to failure

A person who believes that his life is already drawing to a close

With such a position it is difficult to not only find a job, but also to live in general. Why should you do anything if you are so close to the end? Such people do not leave their "warm place" even if they are dissatisfied with the level of their salary, their team, or suddenly realize that they have been doing something their whole life that they have no interest in doing. They continue to joylessly go to work and perform routine tasks. They don't show any initiatiative or take part in any projects; they simply "kill time". It is pointless to try to change jobs - this person simply lacks the motivation to do it, as well as any passion for life.

Not much can help in this situation except deep introspection. If you suddenly find that you can relate to this type of person yourself, try reading success stories of people over 50. You will be surprised to find out how many there really are! In today's world there is no reason to write yourself off so quickly. Sylvia Weinstock, for example, quit her job as a kindergarten teacher at the age of 52 to pursue her dream of making cakes for sale. Another example, Ruth Flowers became a DJ at the age of 69 and is now touring clubs in France and America! Is this not proof that you should have faith in the future?

A person with dichotomous thinking

"If I leave this company, when I have already been here for so long and achieved so much, then I will lose everything. What if I can't find a new place? What if I die of hunger or find myself on the street?" Is this a familiar thought? We hope not! After all, this is called dichotomous thinking - a way of making decisions based on the principle of "either all or nothing". Many people suffer from it, especially after 40 years old. This is when our perception loses its flexibility and becomes especially susceptible to the irrational fear of change. Simply put, someone with dichotomous thinking rushes from one extreme to another and sees the world in black and white. Compromises or intermediate options are impossible and unrealistic to them.

Dichotomous thinking can stop you from growing at any age. For example, if you are thinking about changing your job. But it becomes a real problem after 50. The best outcome here would be if you just decide not to change, and the worst outcome here would be if you panicked and realized that you made a mistake after you had already left. Dichotomous thinking must be avoided! You should begin by accepting the problem and having an inner dialogue. When you have a better understanding of your fears, try to answer the following questions:

  1. Is there any objective evidence that my scary scenario could come true?
  2. How would [name of your authoritative person] view this situation?
  3. What other aspects have I missed because of my habit of dramatizing?
  4. How can I prevent this scenario from happening (other than the obvious way of not doing what scares me)?

A person who already knows everything and knows how to do it

Many people after 50 years of age believe that they have nowhere to develop. "I have done everything already" or "What new can they give me that I don't know yet?". But the labor market is constantly changing. First, your profession can become obsolete at any moment, and you need to be ready for this: you should study related industries and know how to adapt to them if something happens (for which new skills will be needed). Second, employers regularly change their needs. Soft skills are more important to them than ever. For example: time management, teamwork, planning, leadership, and conflict management. Generally these skills are lacking in older workers. Lifelong learning has become the norm in modern life and a person who does not accept this is certainly doomed to fail in their work life.

If you don't want to become such a "know-it-all" and deprive yourself of personal and professional growth, start learning now. Browse the Lectera catalog and select courses that will help you become even better. There is no limit to perfection.

A person who thinks too much about the opinions of others

A person who thinks too much about the opinions of others

Unfortunately it is this fear that ultimately stops many. "Leaving a stable and well paying job suddenly for the sake of a pipe dream. Will I look like a fool?" "But my neighbor worked at only one his whole life!". "And if I fail, what will my friends say?" Catching yourself having such thoughts is normal, but a person who takes these thoughts too seriously will not be able to change their job and find what they love to do.

You need to understand that when you are in a situation where you are faced with a career choice, you need to think about only one person - about yourself. Imagine your life if you stay in your current job and don't take any risks. Would you be happy? Would you regret the lost time? Would you be satisfied with your standard of living? The approval of others is not something to think about when changing jobs. If other people like it but you don't, then let them work there!

The person who agrees to everything

Many people after 50 are ready to take any job because they are afraid that they will not be wanted anywhere else due to their age. They will agree to a low salary and work seven days a week in an office on the other side of the city - they will do everything so as not to be left with nothing. Such a person will find a job, yes, but clearly not one that he likes and just for the sake of it. And you should not accept such a scenario for yourself!

Before you start looking for a new job you need to make not only a resume, but also a portrait of yourself. Analyze your strengths, benefits, values, and the expectations that you have for a new company. Immediately set the bar to the level that you will be able to agree to, and at what point acceptable conditions will begin for you.

You didn't see yourself in any of these types? This is great news! It means that all roads are open in front of you. Complete the online course "Changing a job after 50: a new career start" where you will learn to quickly find jobs for employees who are 50 and older. Turn your age into a competitive advantage, analyze your niche in the marketplace, and also engage in non-profit activities or conduct business or work remotely.

Still found yourself in one of these types of people? No problem! This course will tell you about success stories after 50 and how to prepare for and make a loss-free job change. It will dispel your fears and provide a foundation for a new start. It will help you calculate all of the details. The main thing is to clearly see your goal, and Lectera will help you pave the way forward!

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