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Online courses for women

online courses for women

Long gone are the days when a woman was supposed to stay at home, raise children and do housework. Today, women can be found in almost any profession because they have the same options as men. Therefore, they conquer the world on an equal footing with them.

This is how courses for women, which are no longer limited to home economics, became popular. Nowadays, women are trained in marketing, management, business, and even construction. In this article, we have put together the best courses for women — from women empowerment to personal branding courses.

Short-term courses for ladies

Short-term courses for ladies

In 2022, short-term courses have become the most in-demand for married ladies, as they don’t take much time and allow you to develop new skills without interfering with work, family, and your favorite hobby. The modern pace of life already forces us to chase trends and standards constantly. That is why courses that you can complete in just a couple of weeks and get valuable practical knowledge from are in great demand. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if these are government courses or private ones.

However, usually, all truly good courses for ladies are interval. That is, they involve intensive training in capacious blocks that focus on practice rather than theory.

For example, the international educational platform Lectera offers a similar learning method. Each course consists of 7–11 video lectures, each lasting no more than 15 minutes. Users consolidate what they’ve learned using situational tests, real case studies from platform experts, home assignments, and additional materials such as guides, checklists, and templates. This allows students to complete the course in 12–15 days, depending on their pace.

It's not just the here-and-now-focused content that contributes to their learning speed, but also the fact that you can take Lectera courses anytime from any part of the world. For example, students often watch lectures during lunch or on their way to work, since watching each video takes as much time as watching 20 TikTok videos.

For a short-term course to be effective, it must include practice and honing one’s skills. This way, you gain valuable knowledge and learn how to apply it. For example, Lectera provides situational tests and case studies for this purpose. 

Now let’s discuss the most popular fields of women’s education in 2022. What, how, and where should you study?

Women’s leadership courses

Women’s leadership courses

Online courses for women on leadership are aimed at teaching women to take responsibility for themselves and other people, to lead them, take initiative, fearlessly make decisions, and deal with crises with dignity. Essentially, this means developing personal qualities, even those you think you don’t have.

Take confidence or charisma, for example. Do you think it’s what you are born with? Absolutely not! Women’s courses on leadership help you improve both, teach you how to lead, engage your team, and boost its motivation. In short, they make a successful and promising boss out of you. Both in your career and personal life.

Lectera’s course “Women’s Leadership: How To Take Up a Leadership Position in Any Company” is a perfect example of such training. Here, they teach women different leadership strategies (yes, there are several), help them create their management style, eradicate fear and prejudice, and master different role models, including mentoring.

Have you wondered how Catherine the Great or Angela Merkel achieved such heights? Then this course and the leadership field, in general, will give you all the answers you seek. According to Lectera students, this is one of the best courses for women on the platform. Some even call it a “today’s must-have.”

Nevertheless, there are many other women’s leadership courses, including those on the Lectera platform.

Business courses for women

Business courses for women

Many people refuse to take business courses, believing there is nothing to learn here if you have money, product, and a team. This is precisely why 80% of startups shut down in the first year. After all, launching a business is not enough. You need to develop it, increase its marketability, work on its killer features, and meet customer needs.

To do this, you need to know how the business works from the inside and obtain such knowledge as team management, accounting, procurement of funding, product management, etc. This is what both men and women can study, so don’t google “business courses for ladies” or “businesswoman course.” Remember that business is for everyone, regardless of gender. 

The completely free course “Attracting Investments in a Startup” will become your guide to the business world. Here, you will discover how to measure market volumes, test hypotheses using the RAT model, correctly present your project to investors, and calculate unit economy metrics. Furthermore, you will learn what Due Diligence and term sheet are.

Of course, it’s better to take this course before launching a startup. However, the knowledge from it will also be helpful to you when scaling the company to one day become the owner of an international business. This will be an excellent start for an inexperienced woman in business.

Management courses for women

Management courses for women

The managerial profession first appeared in the USA in the 19th century. Still, the tasks of a manager of that time differed from the tasks this specialist must perform today. Do you know what their primary duties are? No, it’s not only selling and communicating. They also coordinate the company, and manage employees and their activities.

A good manager anticipates risks, evaluates progress, and makes timely adjustments to business operations to prevent crises and disruptions. Today, a popular management course is “Crisis Management. Effective Team Communication”.

Speaking of training for women, there is a separate direction of management available, namely home management, where they teach household management, prioritization, “green” parenting, and planning.

This type of management is in high demand and offers equally useful courses for women although it has little in common with business management. An example of such a course is “Home Time Management. Maximum Personal Efficiency” from Lectera, where students learn ways to optimize their lives, form good habits, achieve goals, stick to the so-called “digital diet” for their mental health, and multitask.

Online marketing course for women

Online marketing course for women

Are you looking for the right marketing course? That’s not surprising, considering today, in the age of social media, bloggers, and virtual content, online marketing is even more in demand than traditional marketing. Additionally, it is more convenient: while traditional marketing requires a specialist to stay at their workplace, you can perform online marketing from anywhere in the world.

That is why online marketing is so popular among women, who often have to balance work and house tasks. And now, they can build a career after marriage and after giving birth to their children.

Indeed, you can learn digital marketing on your own, through experience or YouTube videos. However, it is much easier with a marketing course. Usually, an online marketing training program includes several sections, such as SMM, SEO, targeting, content creation, web analytics, etc.

You can learn all this in the Lectera “Digital Marketer” program. This comprehensive training program includes all the online marketing courses available on the platform. After completing it, you will become a professional marketer and will be able to work online.

Skill development courses for ladies

Skill development courses for ladies

Nowadays, countries worldwide gravitate towards increasing the number of women in the highest degree positions, such as top managers, executives, CEOs, and others. At the same time, there is a trend towards increasing the number of relevant training courses for women. Members of the government are doing everything they can to stimulate the active participation of women in the economy. Therefore, they encourage the development of specific skills in every possible way.

All skills that a person can master are divided into hard skills (programming, record management, foreign language proficiency) and soft skills (rhetorics, time management, emotional intelligence).

Lectera has a whole category devoted to the latter, where, having chosen the skill necessary for your work, you can boost it in just a few days using the short-term interval training method. Lectera’s course “Learn or Leave the Market. Career and Business Development Manual” will introduce you to all market trends and employers’ needs.

For example, you will find out why 70% of professions will cease to exist within the next 20 years or how to use the ABZ method to plan your career and quickly move up the ladder. This course will come in handy for all women who dream of a helicopter career and becoming indispensable specialists. One can categorize it as one of the women’s leadership courses.

Online personal branding courses for women

personal branding courses for women

Any personal branding course includes creating a unique image with a set of certain characteristics beneficial for the creator, which will bring out positive emotions and associations from the audience.

For example, Nike is a brand with the image of a youthful and progressive company that values freedom, risk, willpower, and an active lifestyle. So, their products are a solution for busy people who are constantly on the move.

A single person can also have a brand, that is, a personal one. For example, Elon Musk has one. Today, he is associated with electric vehicles and space exploration. 

If you have a personal brand, your name will be more valued in the market, which means your services will be more highly valued. Thus, the brand increases your professional value, makes you more popular, and turns one-time customers into long-term ones. After all, everyone wants to turn to a famous person in their niche, as everyone immediately associates them with success. 

Branding for women is no different from men's in the same way that business is. Except that you can choose other qualities to create your image. For example, if you own a beauty salon or beauty store, you can focus on elegance and style.

Nevertheless, in this case, the scheme of building a personal brand will be no different from the classical one. The platform’s best course, “Personal Brand Basics. First Steps Towards Popularity Growth,” focuses on this scheme. You will learn how to build influence in society, make sound business contacts, form your community, and monetize your expertise. If you are already developing in your field and want to become an opinion leader, then it's time to create a personal brand! This will be a great stimulus to your female leadership.

Vocational courses for women

Vocational courses for women

Vocational courses for ladies are a chance to master a new profession from scratch in the shortest possible time. Every woman who is tired of her current field of activity or wants to update her knowledge for returning to work can take it. Today, you can learn many professions online through those popular short-term courses for ladies. 

For example, Lectera has a whole section dedicated to mastering various vocations. Even if you have no experience in the chosen field of activity, but really want to start your career from scratch can learn with us.

So, for example, the “HR Manager” program  includes everything from managing a team to reading people's non-verbal cues to develop the skills required in the HR management field. After completing the program, you will possess a full set of knowledge and be able to work as an HR manager.

DIY courses for ladies

DIY courses for ladies

DIY courses teach all women aged 14–16 basic labor skills, i.e., painting, decorating, tiling, technical work (including plumbing and electricity), etc. Simply put, these are women’s courses on construction and home handiwork simultaneously. They teach you everything that can be useful in independent household life.

Usually, beginners train in simple repairs, such as fixing a tap or socket. Later, the training becomes more complex, and women are taught how to plaster walls, lay bricks, and even build a house with their own hands.

The training often takes place in mixed classes, that is, with male students. You can find such courses for ladies in The DIY School or other similar establishments. However, as you might have guessed, this field is entirely offline. Therefore, you will have to study in person and, most likely, for a long time.

Female empowerment courses

Female empowerment courses

Women’s empowerment is an acute social trend that is gradually gaining momentum all over the world. As a response, special online courses for women began to appear, which cover various legal aspects and teach how to defend them in politics, health, employment, and culture. Furthermore, they teach women to realize their potential.

Most of these courses belong to the category of government courses. That is, they are free and run by law enforcement organizations or universities. For example, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) offers a three-day training that focuses on women's personal and professional growth, needs, and goals in today's world.

Self-defense courses for women

Self-defense courses for women

No matter how tolerant and progressive society may be, crime will never disappear. Victims of crimes are people of different nationalities, gender, and age. Yet, according to statistics, women are most often subjected to violence. So, according to data, women account for 81% of murder victims in the US. Moreover, these crimes are typically committed on sexual grounds.  

That is why the list of the best professional courses for ladies always includes self-defense courses for women. After all, this is, first of all, a way to protect yourself and your loved ones from unforeseen and dangerous situations. Such training often includes hand-to-hand combat techniques, the clever use of gas or pepper spray, and the handling of bladed weapons and firearms. Typically, private sports clubs teach this. But, of course, they do it only offline. 

In 2022, almost all career doors are open to women, thanks to which every woman has the right to choose what she wants to devote her life to and what courses she should take to achieve her dreams. And there are a lot of courses, with their number growing every day! Both online and offline. Do you want to become a businesswoman? Or a carpenter? Or a digital marketer? Well, you can do anything you want! Just pick good courses for ladies, and follow your interests and comfort when deciding. Then everything will turn out great!