The best apps from the App Store and Google Play for businesses and successful people

The best apps from the App Store and Google Play for businesses and successful people

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We are so used to holding a cell phone in our hands that it has become a natural part of our life and we cannot live a day without one. Thanks to mobile applications! And it's not just fun games and social media that devour our time.

Many applications offer extremely useful functions for businesses, entrepreneurs, and all those seeking success. You can make your work easier by using them and become not only more productive, but also happier! There are at least 11 apps that are definitely worth downloading to your smartphone today.


Price: $2

Managing your time is not so easy when you have a dozen appointments for today and just as many things to do in the office. You will have to do everything on time either with caffeine or by using a scheduling app. For example, Forest - it will add a game element to your work. This app is as cool as ginger syrup for a latte.

The rules are simple: you set the time you need to focus on your work. You should not be distracted during this time! As soon as you click on "Start", the application gives you a virtual tree or bush. If you unlock your phone and go to another application while you are working, the plant will die. If you finish with time remaining, you can transplant this tree into your "forest". So, as you do your work you grow more and more lovely virtual trees.

The time interval can be set from 10 minutes to 2 hours. The longer the time you choose to concentrate on your work, the more beautiful the tree you will get.

I can't wake up

Price: Free/ $2.99

This application was created for those who have problems getting started in the morning, that is, with waking up. If you regularly wake up and hit the snooze button on your alarm and then fall asleep again, then I can't wake up will help you start a productive day.

In order for the alarm to turn off completely, you will need to perform several tasks in a certain sequence. You set the necessary actions yourself the evening before. For example, you can set it so that several equations must be solved - this will quickly get your brain up and running. The alarm also has different types of alarms and other options. All of them are available for free. The paid version of the application just removes ads.

The App Store also has a similar app - Alarmy Break Sleep. And another application - Dawn Chorus not only has a pretty design, but will make waking up softer: you will wake up from the sounds of different birds.

I can't wake up

Things 3

Price: $6.99 (for iPhone)

This is one of the most popular task managers that will help you get everything out of your head. Here you can create to-do lists, tag them, set reminders, and set dates.

In the application you can also lead a project, break it down into stages, and indicate deadlines for each. All tasks are easy to track because they are sorted into categories. For example, all of the things you need to do that you flagged while walking or driving are temporarily moved to your inbox. You can later transfer them to other categories. The folder with things to do in the near future is called "Today" and the folder where things to do are broken down by the day of the week is called "Plans." There is also a category for trivial tasks called "Anytime" and a journal with a trash can, where all completed and canceled tasks are noted.


Price: free (basic package)

This is another task manager. It is not just for a business leader, but for a leader of a small team. Do you want to effectively interact with employees and develop a common project without trouble? Then Asana is what you need!

It's perfect for chatting and tracking tasks. You create a board with a project, which a specific user group has access to. Here you can exchange notes, files, and comments without resorting to email. Asana is also integrated with major programs such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack. This makes the app even more robust.


Price: Free

Good habits are essential for a successful person striving for self-development. It's not too hard to train yourself to go to the gym twice a week or eat broccoli if you use the creative Habitica app.

It makes the development of new habits into a game and turns self-improvement into an exciting quest. The app was inspired by RPG video games, so every challenge you complete will level up your avatar. Competition with other people's characters is a great motivator. With Habitica, each of your routine tasks, such as exercising in the morning, will become a mission that will bring your avatar new points and awards.



Price: $59 per year

This is an application for memorizing foreign words and expressions in 11 languages. Your teachers will be real native speakers, only recorded on video. So a native Japanese speaker will show you how to pronounce a particular word, and even write it down on the board. This will allow you to practice perfect pronunciation, because even English is taught here exclusively by British teachers. And everything is offline!

However, not all languages ​​and learning levels are available in the free version, so you will need to purchase a Memrise Pro subscription for deep and consistent learning. A 50% discount is given for the first year of study.


Price: $14.99 per month or $69.99 per year

Doing business is energy-intensive and often very stressful. To take care of your company and your team, you must first take care of yourself. Not only sports are suitable for this. Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises are also useful for this. Calm will help you relieve stress and fatigue.

The app offers a series of meditations saved in a collection of areas you want to work on: stress, anxiety, loneliness, self-esteem, relationships, personal growth, motivation, work, walking, and more. It also helps manage insomnia with special sounds that you can play in the background.

There is also a Calm Masterclasses section in the app where you can watch different educational series from meditation and yoga experts. For example, there is a master class from the author of "Eat, Pray, Love", Elizabeth Gilbert.

In the Calm Body section you will find a series of simple exercises with a Breathe Bubble that will help you focus on your breathing.


Expensify: Receipts & Expenses

Price: Free

For any businessman, except for beginners, it is important to be able to correctly plan your finances and carefully control your expenses. This is much easier to do with Expensify. It offers budget oversight complete with reports and statistics.

You can import your expenses from credit card balances, as well as scan receipts using the camera on your phone. You can even record a receipt for a metro ride! Therefore, this application is useful when traveling, especially for your employees who need to account for the money they spent.

Some features in the application are paid, such as unlimited scans. There is also a corporate rate that will connect employees' work expenses to your reports. Both will cost $5 per month per person.


Price: from $310 per month

InDinero is a reliable replacement for the accounting department. It is usually used by startups and small businesses. The app automates all of your company's day-to-day accounting needs, providing expert support and financial reporting.

The app can even predict your future cash flow based on past data. Consider it a mini-accountant in your pocket which you can turn to at any time of the day or night!

There is also a free alternative - the Wave app. It combines not only the core functionality and reliability of InDinero, but it also includes expense reporting like Expensify. This app is best suited for freelancers and newbie companies that have just started up and do not yet have a stable income.



Price: Free

Do you need professional marketing materials but don't have a graphic designer on hand? Save yourself time and money and download Canva, a great alternative to hiring a freelancer!

You can create an attractive design and a clear interface for any purpose: advertising, visual content, website or just a Facebook group with the help of flexible tools and ready-made templates. Everything from beautifully designed Instagram posts to awesome brochures can be made here.

You can also use Canva for basic photo editing, such as listing items in an online store. But be prepared for the fact that you may need to pay for some templates and tools that you like.


Price: Free

Surely you, like most people, are worried about the confidentiality of your information and your data. It's important to come up with unique and complex passwords to protect all of your records to sleep well at night. But how do you remember them all?

With LastPass you don't have to remember anything! This app is a secure vault for all of your passwords. You can access them with a single master password. This means that you only need to remember one password, which will prompt all of the rest.

LastPass can generate passwords so complex for your accounts that it will be nearly impossible to crack. In addition, there is a tool that allows you to exchange passwords with specific people, and then revoke access when necessary (for example, if your employee leaves the company).

As you can see, the App Store and Google Play are far from limited to WhatsApp and Google Disk. They have hundreds of useful apps! You can find something different to meet your needs in three categories: "Business", "Education" and "Productivity". Some of them will not even require any financial commitment from you, but they will save you from many annoying everyday problems.

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