Three courses from Lectera to make a difference this summer

Three courses from Lectera to make a difference this summer

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It’s the height of summer! The nights are shorter, and the sun is hot. Now is the right time to take life into your own hands and initiate positive changes in your life, because if not now then when? After all, the development and conquest of new heights are impossible without inner transformation, overcoming obstacles and self-improvement. 

True, not everyone knows where to start when there's a desire to change something or the need to do it. The first thing you should do is prepare yourself mentally for your new, improved life, that is, by learning to accept change. There's a unique exercise for this.

Letting go of the fear of change

Find a secluded spot away from the hustle and bustle of life and put on some relaxing music. Try to remember those moments in life when you had to gather your strength with all of your might and had to show courage to solve a problem. How did you act despite feeling fear and doubt? How did you feel after it was all over? Remember your most significant changes in life. How did you feel during them? What did they lead you to? What experience did they give you?

Analyse this and then answer the questions honestly:

  • What am I dissatisfied with in my life right now?
  • What changes have given me a sense of well-being and satisfaction in life?
  • Why don't I have what I'm looking for now?
  • What difficulties can I expect on the way to change?
  • What do I have to prepare for?
  • What is the result I have to come to?

Grab a scrap of paper and write down three of your personal qualities that have previously helped you cope with past changes. Next, jot down potential obstacles that may prevent you from doing what you want. When you break down the process of approaching changes into steps, you'll subconsciously begin to look for opportunities for them. You see, by knowing what awaits you at the end, you will accept change more willingly.

If fear still plagues you after this exercise, you may be having problems accepting your individuality, or you may be too hostile to the outside world. The Lectera course "Say No To Fears: New Life And New Results" will help to remedy this. In it, you will find meditation practices that will help you tune in to a productive mood and remain calm in all situations. Learn how to cope with stress and harmonise your relationships with others so that nothing burdens you on the path to a new life, and you can more quickly and easily move on.

Become the best version of yourself

Another component of successful change is having a sense of confidence. After all, how can you improve yourself if you continue to doubt yourself? Fortunately, confidence is just a skill you can learn. The fastest way of doing it is with the course "How To Believe In Yourself And Become A Charismatic Leader" -practical skills for working with complexes and developing self-confidence. You'll learn to control your emotions better and effectively manage your own body. By the way, the latter is a lifehack of how to outsmart your brain and gain confidence without, perhaps, having to seek professional help.

We're talking about non-verbal language, that is, the language of movements and gestures. We're talking about fake it till you make it. So, just start acting like a confident person living their best life, even if you're not really feeling it inside. Here are some basic rules for confident behaviour:

  1. Smile

Just because it sounds corny doesn't mean it doesn't work. As previously mentioned, you can wrap your brain around your little finger. To do this, go to the mirror and smile at yourself for 10-15 seconds - the brain will decide that since we're smiling, then everything is fine in our life. Other people also read a smile: it shows that you have good intentions and more easily wins over others, especially a stranger.

  1. Take strong postures

Keep an eye on your posture and the position of your arms and legs. For example, arms folded across the chest is a defensive position that's interpreted as an attempt not to show fear. Also, do not put your hands on the table or sit cross-legged. The back should always be straight and the shoulders straight too.

If you need to feel a sudden "surge" of confidence, for example before going on stage, then take one of the so-called "strong poses". Stand up straight with your legs slightly apart and rest your hands on your hips. Raise your chin a little and lookup. It's a scientifically proven fact that in just 2 minutes in a strong pose, your testosterone level rises and your cortisol (stress hormone) decreases.

  1. Suppress gestures of "uncertainty"

These include, for example, fidgeting in a chair or playing with your hair, jacket buttons, watches, etc. Likewise, don't fiddle with the pen while talking because this is also a sign of nervousness. Furthermore, so that you and your interlocutor both feel comfortable, pay attention to the clothes you choose to wear. Only wear clothes that make you feel confident. Your clothes should feel like you're wearing a second skin. The colours can be any that you like, but ideally, they should match the tone of the other person's clothing, if you communicate face-to-face (this way you will quickly get on with the other person").

Make positive change a habit

Remember that change is a natural and inevitable process. Every living organism change throughout its life in one way or another, and there's nothing wrong with that. Just take your time and don't force yourself - everyone has a different pace of change.

To choose your own and change step by step under the guidance of an expert, there is a compact online program of changes Lectera "Changing Mindsets. Program Yourself to Succeed". As you already know, success begins with dolly steps. For the first victory, you have to acquire good habits and banish the old bad ones. The main objective is to set measurable goals and monitor your results regularly, so you stay motivated along the way. Of course, don't forget to smile because a smile will open doors!

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