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Instagram starts testing removing likes around the world

Instagram starts testing removing likes around the world

The new feature was first piloted in several countries, and it has since been extended to include a global reach.

What will change on Youtube from December 10, 2019?

What will change on Youtube from December 10, 2019?

Very recently, Youtube has published new conditions for using the service.  This is happening because Youtube has changed the service provider to Google LLC.

Instagram Update: Stories and Other Features

Instagram Update: Stories and Other Features

As part of the update a new ‘Create’ section will be added to ‘Stories.’ Now if you wish to post a story, you don’t need to upload your photo or video.

Instagram will no longer let you track the actions of people you follow

Instagram is finally getting rid of its controversial ‘Following’ tab. In the past, this tab could be used to track the actions of the people you followed: their likes, comments, new subscriptions, etc. Many people used this feature to spy on their partners.

Podcasting: A Media Product Making Millions

Podcasts are audio tracks of discussions on specific topics.  They can be listened to using special mobile applications, on YouTube or music platforms.

Netology to Invest up to $ 10 Million in Education Startups

Netology is planning to launch an accelerator to help emerging EdTech projects. 10 to 15 companies will receive up to $ 10 million in total by transferring from 30% to 60% of their shares to Netology.

Coursera Agrees to the Use of Its Lectures by Universities

Coursera has launched a project enabling universities to freely use their lectures. Coursera believes that cutting-edge knowledge should be available anywhere in the world and any educational institution should be able to join it.

EdCrunch: major education technology conference kick-starts in Moscow

On October 1-2, EdCrunch - a major education technology conference - will take place in the World Trade Center in Moscow.

How Instagram will help clean up the oceans

American Express, an American financial organization, has partnered with Parley for the Oceans to launch an initiative to clean up ocean coasts.

Deloitte study: almost half of Russian users block online ads

According to a new study from Deloitte Consulting, 44% of Russian users block online ads.

Instagram gets rid of likes - consideration for user well-being or attack on influencers?

Instagram is currently testing a new interface that will not include likes. Like statistics will only be available to the creator of the post.

Inc. features 3 network marketing companies in list of fastest-growing privately held companies

Each year, Inc. selects 5000 privately held companies that show the highest growth. The total 2018 revenue of all the companies in the new ranking adds up to $237.7 billion.

The Manifest: new study shows how people interact with brands on social networks

The Manifest surveyed 537 social media users in the United States to find out how they interact with brands online.