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Schoolchildren Have Been Subscribed to the Online Library

Schoolchildren Have Been Subscribed to the Online Library

The Russian Zoom project for schoolchildren will be supplemented with a digital library with all the materials required for learning any school subject. 

School in a Smartphone: How Technologies Are Changing Education in Ukraine

School in a Smartphone: How Technologies Are Changing Education in Ukraine

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many unexpected changes to the academic year.

US teachers carry coffins in protest

US teachers carry coffins in protest

Teachers in New York are protesting against schools reopening. They consider such a decision premature as the level of coronavirus infection in the city remains too high.

An Article from Mila Semeshkina in Psychologies: The 5 rules of how to fall in love with learning and stay motivated

In her article for Psychologies, Lectera founder and CEO Mila Semeshkina describes in five ways how she has managed to achieve this.

A Dublin-based teacher offers online outdoor classes in order to reduce levels of stress in students

Classes at online universities offer outdoor activities. This also aims to reduce student stress levels.

Canterbury University Launches Free Online Courses

The University of Canterbury is joining the edX global online learning platform from November 2020 as a course author.

The ranking of the best online universities by ROI is presented

Ranking portal OnlineU has estimated the return on investment in higher education. The study used data on average graduate wages and the average debt for higher education in the United States.

Irish company LearnUpon raises $ 56 million in online learning solutions for corporations

The Dublin-based startup, LearnUpon recently received a $ 56 million investment.The funds will go towards the creation and technical implementation of online learning systems for corporations, 70% of which are located in the United States.

University of Delhi Launches First Fully Online Admissions Campaign

With effect from October 12, Delhi University has started a large-scale online admissions campaign, having completely switched over to this mode.

Mila Semeshkina has written an article for the American Forbes magazine about the era of “Fast-Life” and “Fast Learning” methodology.

Until recently, getting a higher education was the only way to master a new profession and improve the necessary skills.

Nashville Volunteer Organization Creates Mini School for Single Parents' Children

West Nashville Dream Center has created a 32-child classroom to support parents whose children are experiencing learning difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic.

Research shows that students prefer online classes to offline lessons

A survey of Australian university students has determined that more than 75% find online learning more suitable than in-person lectures and seminars.

US residents complain about the unpreparedness of the Internet network for online classes

According to residents of several US states (including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Connecticut and Pennsylvania), the Internet network of local providers is completely unprepared for online classes in universities and schools.