How do you feel about your finances?

With all seriousness!

And rightly so! We fully support you.

Money is constantly disappearing somewhere

Try to start keeping a financial plan and writing down when and on what you will spend the money you earn

Do you study investment instruments?

Of course, I do

Great result!

Not yet

We recommend that you take a closer look at investments! It’s a very real opportunity to make a passive income in just a few years

What percentage of your monthly income do you manage to set aside?

It depends. I try to save at least 20%.

It sounds like you are a financial guru!

Less than 10%

The more money you save, the bigger your financial cushion is. Think about how, with expense planning, you can save more and spend less!

Are you striving to diversify the way you generate income?

Yes, I think it is important

You should teach a course in financial literacy!

To what-what?

Diversifying your income means increasing your earning potential. In addition to your main job, you can take on small part-time jobs or become a leader in network marketing.

How do you make expensive purchases?

I study the range of stores, reviews, choose the best offer

That’s the best way of all!

I come, I buy, I go

It looks like you’re spending more than you can afford. Start comparing products before you buy.

Find out the result of the test!

I chose the answers on the left more often

We think you can become a millionaire in much less than 12 months!

Details below

I chose the answers on the right more often

It sounds like your level of financial literacy urgently needs a boost

Details below

Your financial literacy and the level of responsibility with which you treat your money is amazing. Make your first million by taking advantage of the power of Network Marketing! You only need 1-2 hours of free time per day, enthusiasm, and a laptop with a stable internet connection.

Learn how to become an expert in network marketing with Lectera’s course “Right Image Is the Key to Success in Network Marketing.”

Try to be more money conscious and learn basic investment tools and ways to increase your income.

Find out how to become a millionaire in a year with the course, written by experts from Lectera, “Right Image Is the Key to Success in Network Marketing.” Reserve your place on the programme and start your journey to financial success now!

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