Try these 5 services for marketing optimization

Try these 5 services for marketing optimization

| Digital marketing

If you've been paying attention to what's happening in marketing, you've likely seen the expansion of these trends from the end of 2019.  In 2020, this will continue and will become more and more widespread.

So, use each of these trends and tools wisely, and you're sure to succeed and are effortlessly able to surpass your competitors.

  1. For analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most effective and free analytics services out there. Nevertheless, businesses that solely focus on this one tool and rely on it exclusively will ultimately lose customers. Sales aren't easy to achieve when you depend upon one single tool, and the number of income opportunities is exponentially growing. Google Analytics, however, doesn't have a quick response to new trends in sales. So, to connect analytics across the board for all marketing channels, use services like Amplitude.

Google Analytics

  1. For voice search optimisation

Analysts predict that more than half of search requests in 2020 are going to come from voice search, so its optimisation can significantly increase the recognition of your brand. Use programs like which remembers voice command track requests and creates automatic scripts for automated actions (such as shopping).

voice search optimisation

  1. For email marketing - chatbots, go ahead!

Whilst users are receiving an increasing number of email marketing from large companies, almost all of it will end up in the spam folder, and are ultimately deleted unread. Be that as it may, don't let this put you off; it's too early to write off emails as a sales or promotional tool. To be successful with this form of promotion, you must unreservedly focus on useful content (rather than banal advertising) and, secondly, effectively communicate with your target audience. Consequently, we recommend chatbots ManyChat and MobileMonkey because they'll help you to communicate with your customers via email and social media in a more effective way.

email marketing

  1. For automation

SEO automation for search engines not only increases the number of visits to your site by 60% and the number of keywords by 21% but also allows you to free up time for other tasks. Use automation services, such as ContentKing, for example. With the advantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence), they optimize your resources in accordance with search engines' requirements.


  1. For personalization

97% of those visiting your resources will not become your customers. The reason is simple: you offer them wrong products. Luckily, optimization can easily solve this problem. Do you own an online store and want to increase sales? Adjust the system so that it could remember your customer's earlier purchases, providing them with offers similar to the products they purchased previously. For example, personalized discounts that RetailRocket can offer your customers.

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