You are an excellent specialist in your field, but others are being promoted over you. Why is this happening? Most likely, you lack some special skills - soft skills.

No, these are not the skills that make you great at your job. These are the ones that affect your place in a team, your authority, and popularity: emotional intelligence, leadership, time management, and so on.

Don't rush to complain about your fate and take offense at these "upstarts and suck-ups" - everything isn't the same as it was in school or summer camp. Top managers have good reason not to put shy, taciturn, or reserved people in leadership positions. Let's say there is an excellent professional who is good all around, but just doesn't know how to find a common language with other people. Would you trust him to lead a team? It is unlikely because this team would be full of conflicts that you will have to solve later on.

Does this mean that humble introverts don't have a career path at all? No! They will just need to upgrade these necessary skills in order to help them get a promotion.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence, or EI, is the ability to understand human emotions - your own and those of others. The level of our emotional intelligence ultimately determines how easy it is for us to find a common language with other people: colleagues, clients, business partners and, of course, family and friends. Do you know what your EI is? Try to take this test to check your level.

By the way, increasing your emotional intelligence level is not that difficult. All of the information you need and specific exercises are in Lectera's "Emotional Intelligence. Becoming Happier and Faster To Succeed" course. In these lessons you will learn more about the nature of our emotions, you will understand why they occur, how to manage them, how you can cope with negative emotions, and how you can advance in your career using this knowledge. Through practice you will develop the empathy needed to create long-term and lasting relationships.



Top managers and company executives are not the only ones who need leadership skills. The ability to be a leader is necessary for anyone who wants to achieve good results in their business. After all, the ability to be a leader is the ability to achieve your goals, take responsibility, and manage your life.

Leadership skills can, and should, be improved. Try starting with the course "Leadership Thinking: How To Hit Ambitious Goals" - the main thing it will teach you is how to think like a leader. To do this, you need to regularly train your body and mind, effectively plan your time, and get rid of whatever prevents you from moving forward. This course will teach you how to do this.

The course "Develop and Apply Charisma. Break Free Of Fear and Indecision focuses on how to behave so that others recognize you as a leader. You will learn how to create a unique image, free yourself from fears, and learn how to say "no".

In the "Assemble a Brilliant Team. Become a Leader and Unite People" course you will learn how to apply leadership skills in order to build a team of professionals to solve work problems. You will learn how to select people for a team, how to build relationships with them, and how to resolve conflicts.

Ability to negotiate

Ability to negotiate

Negotiation is one of the most sought-after skills in the labor market. Emotional intelligence can helps you better understand business partners, but it is not enough to successfully close a deal on its own.

In the "Negotiation Guru. Persuade Anyone and Earn Even More" course you will not only learn how to better understand the other party, but also how to use the most effective techniques and strategies to negotiate with any opponent and not be afraid of them.

Ability to deal with stress

Ability to deal with stress

More and more specialists of the new generation, generation Z, are entering the labor market. They are able to learn new things quickly and are knowledgeable in different areas. However, these "supermen" have their vulnerability - the inability to cope with stress.

After taking the "Stress Management. 40 Techniques: Improving Your Life" course you will have a distinct advantage in the job market. If you are from an older generation, then you can strengthen your strengths; and if you are from generation Z, then you can eliminate your vulnerability. In this course you will learn how to deal with stress and learn effective techniques for managing stress.

Public speaking skill

Public speaking skill

The ability to perform in front of an audience is essential in almost any profession. Even if you think that these skills will never be useful in your line of work, do not forget that the ability to communicate with the public is necessary in order to move up the career ladder. First, you will be able to speak on behalf of your team or even on behalf of the company. Second, without the ability to speak to a wide audience it is difficult to build a reputation as an expert.

You can improve your public speaking skills with the "Legendary Speaker. The Art of Public Speaking" course. In the course you will learn from the best speakers: Jobs, Lincoln, and Churchill. We will analyze some of the most successful cases and show why some speeches are forgotten as soon as the speaker finishes, while other speeches are remembered by people for many years.

Bringing professional skills (hard skills) to an automation process can be useless or even harmful. A human can never follow an algorithm more accurately than a robot can. And since we increasingly have to compete with machines in the labor market, it is important to focus on our soft skills. Robots cannot compete with humans yet in these skills.

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