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"Why am I not the boss?" 5 skills you cannot build a career without

"Why am I not the boss?" 5 skills you cannot build a career without

You are an excellent specialist in your field, but others are being promoted over you. Why is this happening? Most likely, you lack some special skills - soft skills.

Do you have a chance to build an international career?

Do you have a chance to build an international career?

Almost every highly skilled professional would love to have an international career. Maybe you haven’t reached a senior position yet, but still want to enter the international job market and work abroad for a company, if you live in a former Soviet state? Take the new Lectera test! 10 simple questions will help you to see how ready you are for an international career.

Negotiate a high salary at a job interview in three steps

Negotiate a high salary at a job interview in three steps

Writing an eye-catching CV that draws the attention of a potential employer is just the first thing you must do to get work towards the job offer of your dreams. On top of that, you have to pass a series of interviews with company representatives.

How can open-minded thinking help you in your career, and how can you develop it?

Open-minded thinking is thinking based on an unquestioning openness to everything new. To get closer to such a model of perception of the world around you, you’ve got to develop an open mind, learn to adapt to any changes and abandon conservative attitudes.

How to use the laws of physics to accelerate your career

If we didn’t know the laws of physics, the world around us looks like a divine miracle. It’s the same in career development because sometimes we get offers and career opportunities without fully understanding the reasons for our success.

How the rich feel about money

Successful and not so successful people think differently - this has long been proven. They have different financial habits and attitudes towards life in general.

Careers of the future: what professions will be in demand in the next 10 years?

The careers of the future are all professions that are in high demand. They are constantly growing and will be at their peak in the next 5-10 years.

Ten obstacles for developing a new career: what prevents you from changing your professional field

The decision to change your professional career in many cases is the right way forward for you.

Women in IT: The Rules of Life for Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

Let’s take a look at how famous female IT entrepreneurs from different countries live, and how the love of technology unites them.

Female charisma. Instructions for development and use

It seems like charismatic people live a charmed life, and they always seem to get the luck, surrounded by fascinating people and are the centre of attention. We’ll teach you the secret of personal charm, and how to cultivate this invaluable skill.

The career map: success can be planned

Career mapping is a visual representation of your professional plans for the coming years. Master this tool and it will become much easier for you to achieve your goals.

Test: Find out your level of emotional intelligence

As a reader of Lectera Magazine, you are probably aiming to achieve some ambitious goals. Chances are, you want to become a leader and move up the career ladder. We have created a test that will help you identify your EQ level, together with some helpful tips on how you can increase it.

Public Speaking: advice to teachers, lecturers, and professional speakers

A huge responsibility rests on the shoulders of any public speaker who speaks in front of an audience. A successful public speaker waxes lyrically in a manner that’ll capture the attention of their audience and make a lasting impression