Personal brand on Clubhouse: build, promote, monetise

Personal brand on Clubhouse: build, promote, monetise

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Clubhouse is all over the internet these days and no wonder! After all, it’s the first audio social media similar to Instagram and Twitter, but with a messengers’ functionality and a focus on verbal communication.

Today more than 2 million users have already joined Clubhouse, and this number is growing exponentially daily! Although, the application is currently available only at the App Store. You will need to get an invite (an invitation) from any existing social network users to register there.

If you manage to get one, get Clubhouse up and running in a New York minute because you can use it for all sorts of business purposes! However, let's first find out how this social media works, how to promote yourself on Clubhouse, and how you can make money from it.

Promotion of a personal brand in a new format

Promotion of a personal brand in a new format

All you can do in the Clubhouse is talk live. Moreover, anyone, for free, can start a club or a temporary thematic room. The main speaker is always the moderator, but each listener can press a special button, "Raise Your Hand," and enter the illusory "stage" to share an opinion on an issue or to say something completely different. In essence, Clubhouse is a chatroom where experts and specialists in specific industries are especially in demand, who want to share their useful experience and life hacks.

Clubhouse is perfect for building a personal brand based on your expertise and promoting your B2B business. Here you can search for clients, strike up new business connections, find investors, participate in thematic discussions, and advertise yourself. The first people invited to Clubhouse were politicians, media representatives, and geniuses of the IT industry. That has already set the vector for developing this social network and setting up its audience to exchange successful cases and experiences.

Development of communication skills with Clubhouse

Development of communication skills with Clubhouse

The primary skills you will need to be successful on Clubhouse are communication skills. After all, they are the ones you need to manage the rooms on Clubhouse effectively. That is, you need to master public speaking skills! After all, people do not see but only hear you on the app, so your only weapon is your voice. The ability to manage it, choose intonation, formulate a topic, and communicate with listeners - all this is necessary for you to master if you want to create your room pn Clubhouse and monetise it.

Fortunately, you can learn how to do this! For example, with the Lectera course "Incredible Speaker: Complete Manual for Audience Impact." You will learn how to use your charisma, develop a unique image, speak persuasively and, of course, attract new audience.

How to promote yourself on Clubhouse

How to promote yourself on Clubhouse

Clubhouse promotion is quite unique. This is a relatively new social media that people are just starting to grasp, so everyone promotes themselves by whatever means necessary. Nevertheless, there are several proven quick and easy techniques for how to get ahead at promoting yourself on Clubhouse. Here are the best ones:

  1. Do not be lazy; fill out your profile!

Here everything is the same as on any other social media: people always first study your profile and try to understand who you are and what you do. Remember, first impressions count, and if you make a good one, you're at least 50% more successful! Your avatar is the first thing users see, so make sure to upload a high-quality image and, ideally, a portrait photo. If you're trying to prove yourself as an expert in your chosen field, then opt for a business photo.

Do you like your avatar? A user will visit your profile to read the bio! The first line of your profile description will appear in searches. Therefore, include only the most relevant information about you, such as your occupation, employer, or experience here.

The next two lines will be visible to users who click on your profile picture. Here you should put everything that might be of interest to them: your achievements, key topics, unique features, location (if unique), etc. The rest of the text will only be visible if someone clicks on your profile page. Here you can describe yourself in greater detail, and don't forget to add a call to subscribe at the end!

  1. Visit as many rooms as possible and participate in discussions

It is best to postpone creating your own rooms and first familiarise yourself with rooms other users create. Visit only the rooms where you have an excellent working knowledge of the topic. Moreover, don't be afraid to voice your opinion! For example, you enter a room where there is a discussion on "How to launch an email campaign." It's your lucky day; you are an experienced marketer! Click "Raise My Hand" and share your expertise about working with email newsletters. When people see you as a specialist, people will want to subscribe to your profile. Then, when you create your own room, in all likelihood, they will want to join it. So, start building your audience.

  1. Don't be incognito

When registering on Clubhouse, entering your real name allows people to find you on other social media or search engines. Also, whenever possible, always introduce yourself when you join a room. Likewise, when you leave, again click "Raise My Hand" and say goodbye, especially if you managed to play the role of a speaker temporarily!

  1. Only share what you have expertise in

To start promoting your personal brand on Clubhouse, you need to first establish yourself as an expert. Remember, you can only be an expert in your particular niche, and there is no such thing as a "semi-expert" (half expert); it's an oxymoron! When creating a room or club, don't adopt a scatter-gun approach and call it "A Little Bit of Everything." Focus on one area, such as "B2B Marketing" or "World Cuisine Recipes." Each of your rooms should also have a specific purpose and answer one, or a maximum of two or three, specific questions. If you provide helpful and practical information, the number of listeners will grow exponentially! After all, there is no advertising, SEO, and other marketing things on Clubhouse, as people find other people only according to their interests and knowledge.

  1. Invite other speakers

Yes, you want to quickly create a personal brand, gain popularity, and host rooms to an audience of thousands. However, you cannot do this without other people's participation. That includes other speakers, so feel free to invite them! After all, when your friend joins a room, notifications are also sent to their friends, and so on the chain continues. Additionally, loads of exciting speakers add value to your room and to yourself. Keep in mind that expertise is best proven by communicating with other experts.

  1. Plan your rooms in advance

Don't create them spontaneously. You can schedule your Clubhouse room via a "calendar" so that all your subscribers can see exactly when the new room will be available and have time to prepare for it. Subscribers also get notified when the broadcast starts.

How do you make money on Clubhouse?

How do you make money on Clubhouse

Currently, there is no official monetisation or targeting on the app like there is on Facebook or Instagram. Nevertheless, the secret of success is in answering the question "How to make money on Clubhouse." And there is an answer. You will need your popularity and expertise, and then there are several options:

  • Sell invites (invitations) to those who dream of getting into Clubhouse. That is the easiest way to monetise Clubhouse. A newcomer receives a maximum of two invitations at registration, but with a lot of activity and moderation of rooms, Clubhouse may issue you additional ones. All you need to do is type into Google "buy an invite to Clubhouse", and you'll see how much this "product" is in demand and at what price. So, the more famous and active you are, the more invitations you'll get.
  • Paid room moderation. Having gained credibility and a large audience, you can get paid as an invited speaker. After all, as we have already said, you join the room - and your subscribers will immediately know about it! Consequently, you can be an effective advertisement for those who want to promote their personal brand.
  • Native advertising. You can advertise specific products, brands, or even people in your talks. For example, say during a speech: "By the way, 'Device X' has already solved this problem that I was just talking about!"
  • Paid rooms. If you have succeeded in gaining a large audience, you can earn money on Clubhouse by creating private "sponsored" rooms, which people can join for a small fee. The easiest way is to host such rooms with other speakers, business people or bloggers, thus having thematic collaborations.

Today, Clubhouse is open to bloggers, professionals and anyone with experience to share! Clubhouse monetisation and promotion are now possible only based on a personal brand. But isn't this an incentive to finally shape and monetise it? It is much easier to do both with the Lectera's course "Monetising a Personal Brand: How to Make Money on Your Expertise." With it, you'll quickly learn the rules of interacting with your audience, effective planning, developing a marketing strategy, and, most importantly, a strategy for monetising your expertise.

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