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7 tips to help a small company get out of a crisis

7 tips to help a small company get out of a crisis

We recently faced a completely new enemy that changed our lives — Coronavirus. It brought new challenges and difficulties for our business... and new opportunities!

Today Is Lectera’s Birthday. Let’s Talk About Our Achievements in a Year

Today Is Lectera’s Birthday. Let’s Talk About Our Achievements in a Year

Today the Lectera international educational platform is celebrating its birthday! Exactly one year ago, on June 18, 2020, we introduced our innovative Fast Education methodology, which has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

A guide on how to open your retail shop in 6 steps

Many people dream about having their own shop. A florist, a shoe store, a furniture store, a toy shop, or a grocery store – whatever the business is, it will broaden your horizons and give you new opportunities for self-fulfillment.

The best platforms to launch online courses in 2021

Every year the transition to distance learning is becoming more and more widespread. Experts believe that by 2025 the niche of online education will be estimated at 325 billion dollars!

The best apps from the App Store and Google Play for businesses and successful people

We are so used to holding a cell phone in our hands that it has become a natural part of our life and we cannot live a day without one. Thanks to mobile applications! And it's not just fun games and social media that devour our time.

Planning to start a business? Six questions to help determine how ready you are

Many ambitious projects are being launched and experience can help determine the success of any startup. For example, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, wants to contribute to a new flight to the moon being organized by NASA in 2024. His goal is to create a spaceship.

What are HADI cycles, and how can they benefit a business?

HADI cycles are used in business to build and test a hypothesis. Allowing a product to be better adapted to the market enables a start-up business or new product to become marketable more quickly.

What is Agile methodology, how to implement it and why

Agile is a family of flexible project management methodologies that are now wildly popular globally. Is this just a big buzz, or does Agile project management methodology really help you achieve better results?

Mila Semeshkina and the Go Big project from Trivago: success in the era of a pandemic

2020 deprived most people of the opportunity to travel the world, but some defied circumstances and started a new business. 

The concept of Six Sigma in project management

Motorola received a lot of complaints in 1986 about the huge number of manufacturing defects found in their products. Realizing that the situation needed to be urgently corrected, Chief Engineer Bill Smith developed the Six Sigma method to keep defects to a minimum during the development process.

Why do you need the nonfinancial motivation of employees?

Personnel motivation has a direct effect on the efficiency of the personnel - when employees are interested in ensuring that the work output is of the highest quality and also in their own professional development, this mindset has a positive effect on the overall business.

The in-depth interview method: ins and outs

There are many research techniques, and an in-depth marketing interview is one of the most effective methods.